Play Catch Announces Their Fun Game ‘Pail Fit’, Available On Google and Apple Stores

With Pail Fit, gamers will be able to play in chapters, each with five levels. There are also buckets with unique design options, powers to overcome challenges, and other features

Daly City, California – For those who’re familiar with the Tetris game, this game will be a great addition for their collection. The Play Catch is proud to announce its game called ‘Pail Fit’ which will be available on both Google Play Store and Apple iOS Store.

The game is played in chapters each with five levels. There are 15 powers and each of them provides the player unique abilities to easily overcome their challenges.

Players have to fill a bucket with pieces of items falling from the top. Pieces can be moved right and left for better positioning and strategizing. When pieces with the same color collide they disappear.

To get further in the game, players should avoid getting the bucket so full that the pieces should fall off. Also, the compilation of the pieces shouldn’t get so high that it crossed the red line at the top.

Pail Fit can be downloaded for free on the Apple iOS Store.

Pail Fit is one of those games that players won’t get tired of playing. It comes with a very engaging graphics, smooth operation, and mentally challenging for players to enjoy.

In every chapter, players have five levels to work and if they successfully complete it, they can move to the next chapter. Players may want to play the final chapter which combines all the challenges from the previous chapters.

Powers are the arsenal of the player and they are very useful for getting far in the game. The powers are stored in the Powers Tab where players can access it and then use it to face all challenges while playing the game.

There are 15 powers each of them with their own special abilities. The powers can be upgraded, easy to use, and activated. Pail Fit has 12 different buckets each of them with a unique style. Players can unlock all the buckets and try them in a single game.

For more information, please visit their website.

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