Breathalysers Sydney Firm Marks Three Decades of Experience In the Industry

ADT Breathalysers offer a complete range of accurate, portable, easy to use, fuel-cell technology breathalysers. In May 2019, much stricter laws took effect in NSW regarding the fines for driving under the influence.

ADT Breathalysers and Barbara Porter are pleased to announce that the breathalysers Sydney firm has reached a milestone of more than thirty years in the gas analysis industry. Their products utilise advanced fuel cell technology, as ethyl alcohol passes through the fuel cell, a chemical reaction creates a micro voltage proportional to the subject’s blood alcohol concentration. The breathalysers are built for accuracy and reliability. ADT has been manufacturing and supplying breath alcohol testing equipment for over a quarter-century. They stock a complete range of accurate, portable, easy to use, fuel-cell technology breathalysers. All products in which the company supplies are in stock, ready to ship from their Sydney, NSW office.

NSW drinking drivers can lose their licenses instantly under strict new laws. The laws, introduced on 20 May 2019, will see every person caught drink-driving in NSW to lose their license immediately. What makes the laws so strict is that even low-range drink-drivers will be included, meaning low-range drink-drivers can expect to lose their license instantly. They will also receive a sizable fine. For those caught with drugs in their system, they can expect to lose their license and will also fall under and same penalties once the lab result is confirmed.

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A spokesperson for ADT Breathalysers explained, “The NSW Blood Alcohol limit (BAC) for full license holders is under 0.05. This limit has been in place for nearly 38 years. If you drive a public passenger vehicle like a taxi, coach or bus, the BAC is 0.02. The same applies to drivers of heavy vehicles. Learners and P plate drivers must have a blood alcohol limit of zero.”

“Our portable breath alcohol testers,” she continued, “are designed in Australia and comply with the strict Australian Standard AS3547. ADT Breathalysers have over 30 years of experience in the gas analysis industry. Breath Alcohol Analysis is one of the many gas applications Australian Dynamic Technologies (ADT) are involved in.”

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