Liaofan Technology promotes Chinese traditional culture and influences the whole world

Liaofan Technology is to promote traditional culture as the purpose, especially the thought of Liaofan and the changing life theory. The mission of Liaofan Technology is to make traditional culture influence the whole world and make people live a happy life. so Liaofan Business School under Liaofan Technology came into being.

Liao-Fan’s Four Lessons was written by Yuan Liaofan in Ming Dynasty. It clarifies the thought that life is self-reliance and happiness is self-reliance. It points out that all the misfortunes and misfortunes should be controlled by one’s own and doing something good will accumulate happiness, whereas doing something evil will cause disaster. It also demonstrates this theory through his own experience based on three ideas of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism. It encourages people to behave well, be careful when being alone to set up oneself and seek more happiness to avoid disaster. which is to warn the people not to be bound by the word, life, and to constantly strive for self-improvement and change fate.

Teacher. Jiang Jun, founder of Liaofan Technology, has been engaged in education and training for 10 years. After ten years to sharpen a sword, Liaofan Technology Co., Ltd. was established on Sep 10th, 2019, which is the 36th Teacher’s Day in China and the day when Ma Yun officially resigned as chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba group. 

At the end of November 2019, Teacher Jiang Jun chose Hangzhou, the city where Alibaba was established, as the operation center of Liaofan Technology and quickly established the core team, then it opened officially on Dec 15th, 2019.

This day is exactly countdown 999 days before teacher Jiang Jun achieve the goal of NASDAQ listed company. In order to make this day more meaningful, the founder team of Liaofan Technology invited their former teachers, friends and important business partners from all over the country to witness the development miracle of Liaofan Technology.

In order to achieve its mission and vision, a series of courses will be launched in Liaofan Business School, which is under Liaofan Technology, to help people achieve a happy life through traditional culture ,to help people quickly multiply their assets through financial and business thinking, and to help people continuously attract wealth through correct life philosophy and business philosophy.

At the same time, Liaofan Technology plans to launch the plan of attracting investment and joining thousands of stores in 2020. Liaofan Technology will take financial businesses such as payment without card, payment with face swiping and credit repair as the starting business of Liaofan APP to lay a solid foundation for the next big data business of Liaofan Life APP.

Under the common witness from 20 co-sponsors, a group of people who are unwilling to be ordinary, positive and mindful, and adhere to the concept of doing things with conscience and achieving a happy life. Finally let’s bless Liaofan Technology to become an incredible company and witness the miracle that Liaofan Technology will land on NASDAQ before Sep 10th, 2022. 

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