Germany JOHN HANCOCK develops its first smart slimming cup in 8 years

John Hancock, a famous German scientific and technological enterprise, has developed the world’s first smart slimming cup in 8 years. When it was launched in 2019, it became popular all over the world, setting off a sensation of “slimming by drinking water” in the global health market, giving tens of thousands of beauty lovers the hope of slimming and beautifying again.

In one year, this slimming cup made in Germany has brought the trend of drinking water and slimming to more than 20 countries and regions around the world, becoming the representative of Germany in the field of massive health. At present, the global sales of J & H smart slimming cup is more than 100000 per month, which is mainly sold to Europe, Australia, America and Asia, and has set off a new trend of weight loss in various countries and markets, and has been recognized in the global market.

Before the research and development of John Hancock Technology Company in Germany, it has been recognized by the scientific community that drinking water can really make us in shape. Among them, Dr. Lin Xiuguang, from the medical school of Kobe University in Japan, once talked about the principle of water drinking and slimming in a public lecture: Fat can be broken down by the water of weak alkaline small molecular group, and drinking the water of weak alkaline small molecular group can achieve the effect of shaping. The reason is that fat will be broken down after people drink the water of weak alkaline small molecular group; when the water molecular group is small enough, the activities of intestinal microorganisms will become more active, and the nutritional metabolism will be more vigorous.

According to Jack, a member of the R & D team of John Hancock Technology Company in Germany, J & H smart slimming cup uses the Alps ancient mineral stone unique to Bavaria, Germany. Drinking 4 cups a day can take out the extra fat in the body, achieving the amazing effect of 10 kg per month.

Since the slimming cup has been on sale, especially one oil dissolving experiment with the water in the slimming cup has spread to Asia, Southeast Asia and other places by foreign netizens. 

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