CCL Reintroduces Best Selling E-Book on Benefits of Turmeric Powder for Health

CCL reintroduces its Kindle best-selling controversial e-book about benefits of turmeric powder in food for health titled “Turmeric’s Benefits for Health and Beauty”, now free with any purchase of its award winning organic turmeric powder.

Coconut Country Living (CCL) has just reintroduced its controversial e-book about the benefits of turmeric powder for health called “Turmeric’s Benefits for Health and Beauty: What the Yogis Won’t Tell You”, bringing some cause for concern, as the downloadable pdf may widen the division between those doctors who are advocating a wide array of healthy benefits of using turmeric in food and those who call the hundreds of studies on the benefits of turmeric “part of folklore”.

CCL Has Released Its Turmeric E-Book with Popular Recipes

The e-book examines not only the healthy uses of turmeric in food for the benefits to body and mind, but also beauty hacks for both men and women to replace what many health advocates call dangerous health practices. In pursuit of providing insider tips for environmentally conscious consumers looking to bring out their natural beauty in a healthy way, this is a significant development, as turmeric, along with its companion product of pure coconut oil, are a replacement for products associated with the modern pollution epidemic, like the proliferation of microplastics from beauty products now being found widespread in water sources and food supply.

In typical manner though, a certain element of the e-book is set to spark discontent among makeup manufacturers and those who believe people need drugs rather than food to be well.

Below is a portion of the e-book, which recently achieved the status of a “Best Seller” on Kindle.

“Researchers are claiming the fragrant Indian spice of turmeric has a positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract due to the way it increases metabolism; they say this metabolic boost helps to cleanse the body of toxins and burn off body fat. Proven research shows that weight lost through a diet that incorporates turmeric does not get quickly gained back, like most weight that is lost during fad diets.”

Speaking for Coconut Country Living, Michael DiSalvo, says “Of course Coconut Country Living never sets out to intentionally upset anybody. The aim of this book is first and foremost meant to not just enlighten consumers on the benefits of turmeric as a powder, but in all in all its forms: for health and to enhance personal beauty without breaking the bank. It is critical that we stay dedicated to our true voice in speaking about how our food truly can be medicine, as Hippocrates once said.

Although our “Turmeric’s Benefits for Health and Beauty’ might unsettle doctors who make a living giving people temporary fixes to health problems that need more more long term solutions, our duty is to our readers and customers and the world in general to provide a better strategy for total wellness. We believe it’s more important to bring time-tested methods of healing and natural beauty to those who care about their bodies and how they feel long term as well as being a good custodian of the world around them. It is difficult to find a balance between addressing problems now and thinking long term, but relying on narcotics and environmentally polluting chemicals is not the way to go.”

The company has withstood backlash so far, but the possibility exists the e-book may have to be taken off the market sooner rather than later, so it is best to pick up this free e-book while it is still available.

Coconut Country Living (CCL) has been a provider of in depth e-books about natural beauty tips and holistic remedies for four years now.

CCL has stated the future aims for its website and health summits are to continue to heal the world through tasty superfoods while inspiring lasting beauty with its partner companies and other health advocates. It hopes any controversy will pass quickly and re-emphasizes no offence is or was intended, though still urges makeup manufacturers and medical doctors to examine what they are doing to unsuspecting consumers and patients when the solutions they offer can bring permanent undesirable side effects to both people and the planet.

Coconut Country Living’s e-book can currently be picked up free, with any size purchase of its Award-winning organic turmeric powder on Amazon. Customers are advised to take action and pick up the e-book and remember that stock of this organic turmeric powder is limited and may sell out during one of CCL’s coming health summits.

More information about Coconut Country Living’s food products for natural health and beauty benefits can be found at while its free e-book with award-winning turmeric with updated popular recipes is currently on sale here:

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