Ecological Design Town will become the source of the Eco-design Industry in the World

The 2nd World Eco-Design Conference (WEDC) with the theme of “Innovation, Customization”, was opened on December 6th at the Conghua Ecological Design Town, the permanent site of WEDC. Is has drawn participants from design organizations, agencies, corporations and universities of over 30 countries, including Li Yong, director general of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), Qin Weizhong, vice governor of Guangdong province, Wen Guohui, deputy secretary and mayor of Guangzhou, and Chen Jianhua, director of the Standing Committee of Guangzhou Municipal People’s Congress.

The 2nd World Eco-Design Conference

Rich Exotic Elements from the “Guest Countries of Honor”

An Addition of a Music festival and a Fashion Show

WEDC 2019 would stress more on the “execution” and “implementation” so that to better inherit the theme of the 1st WEDC and the value of “getting start”. Therefore, the host evolved the previous theme, “Ecology of Design, Field of Hope”, into “Innovation, Customization” in September 2019.

Compared to WEDC 2018, there was an addition of the Guest Countries of Honor this time: Bangladesh, Cambodia and Thailand. During the conference, their preventatives from fields of politics, businesses, education, research and art, have fully displayed their customs, features and characteristic industries, which has added exotic elements to the conference.


The first “City of Customization” in the world and the result of Design & Innovation Award (ID Award) were announced in the opening ceremony. There are 2 cities who have earned the title “Demonstration City of Customization” : Guangzhou of China and Siem Reap of Cambodia.

On the basis of the first conference, WEDC 2019 further innovated its patterns. It illustrated design innovations and promoted the driver of ecological design in economic growth, by holding the hand-painting and flashing show, the Haitao Angel Dream Competition (Green Design Costume), the cultural exhibition of guest countries of honor, the exhibition of new industries in Conghua, and the industrial exhibitions of digital art and customization.

It is worth mentioning that there was an addition of night elements. A country music festival and a light show were held in the Eco-Design Town on the evenings of December 6th and 7th respectively, which created visual and auditory feasts for the guests.

Besides, the advanced research course 2019-2020 (fifth session) of industrial design was started on December 4th, and the second phase of the eco-design leading class by UNIDO was opened on 5th.

The First Phase Has Been Accomplished

The value of Eco-design is Increasingly Prominent

It took 89 days to completed the first phase of the project of the eco-design town last year. Throughout the construction, numerous technologies of low-carbon and environmental protection were applied, avoiding any extension of the construction land. The town, co-built by the government and corporations, has formed a platform for rural vitalization, by reviving the stock property and collective reservation, such as old plants, old villages, and Liangkou Comprehensive Farmers Market of Poverty Alleviation.

At present, the engineering projects among second phase are undertaking, including the Research Center of Eco-industrial Design of Guangdong, the academician and expert studio, the first designer village in China and the first design theme hotel in the world.

Situated on the northwest of the town’s meeting center, the village is the first international designer community in China. Covering a total area of 47,863 square meters, the village boasts 162 workshops and can accommodate 560 persons. The designer village is devoted to bettering life-supporting networks as well as providing comfortable and convenient SOHO leisure space for the staffs of the settled enterprises, design studios and trade associations.

Combining the comprehensive ecological improvement of Yadong River, the Eco-design Town has built a picturesque welcoming entry for guests. With the river and the surrounding green lands, a designing ecological park occupying about 120 hectares has been seated here, which can improve the living quality of enterprise staffs and nearby residents, as well as create a center for fashion shows and cultural experience.

Yadong River

Meanwhile, there is the theme light show on the banks of Yadong River. A large 3D music and light show space, an integration of mountains, woods, rivers, lights & shadows and music, has been formed, by building a round stage for performances conforming to the valley topography, making the green plants on banks as the main landscape and illuminating the native fruit trees with colorful lights. On the night of November 29th, the first light show was performed on the beautiful Yadong River. Afterward, the show will continue to be displayed and it will become a new local landmark for a night tour in Conghua city with some future programs, such as the ecological exploration paradise.

Across the river from the ecological design townsite, S Resort, the first design theme hotel in the world, appears to be an integration of new sales, new homestays, and new models. Built on the discarded toothpick factory, the hotel boasts various activity spaces and service facilities such as the elegant Chinese restaurant, creative fusion dining hall, SPA, and the outdoor swimming pool. Besides, it is also an O2O, one-stop and personalized platform for experiencing the consumption of creative products by global designers. Most hotel supplies, such as combs, lamps, furniture and so on, can be bought by E-payment and provide home delivery service. We are trying to market the fruits of the ecological design industry and make them accessible in our daily life.

Key Construction Programs of the Third Phase are Coming Soon

After the opening ceremony, the press conference of the second World Eco-Design Conference was held. It introduced the background and key programs of WEDC 2019, the plan and the significance of selecting the world city of customization, the highlight of innovative designs and customized dreams, as well as the next move of WEDC 2019.

According to the operator, based on the industries of WEDC 2018 and 2019, the Eco-design Town will initiate the construction of the key programs of the third phase such as three international brand hotels, namely, Ramada, Wyndham, and Dolce, the second phase of designer village, child theme park, professor village and countryside food street, etc.

From now on, the town will ceaselessly improve its supporting services and gather the world-class design industry organizations to promote the development of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, International center for the promotion of ecological design, Zhongrui Design center, Ecological Design and Research Institute of Guangdong Province, etc. Meanwhile, the town will practice Zhongrui’s low-carbon city industrial cooperation project, accelerate the ecological industrialization as well as the industrial ecology to boost ecological design and advance the global green growth.

Ecological Design Town

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