CoinTiger Launches Global Liquidity Alliance Program and its First Collaboration with the Korean exchange, Bitsonic

The innovating international exchange, CoinTiger ( has released the launch of its “Global Liquidity Alliance” program.  

CoinTiger will select the best domestic exchanges with the highest liquidity and seeks partnerships all over the world. Upon succeeding partnerships, CoinTiger will be recommending outstanding projects that already listed on it to the collaborating exchange for a free listing to improve the liquidity and trading depth collectively. 

The first strategic partner is Bitsonic, which is a top Korean crypto exchange run by Skoopmedia established in August 2018. Bitsonic is the first exchange that compensated 90% of its fee revenue to Bitsonic Coin (BSC) holders. Besides, it also introduced the Initial Exchange Offering in Korean Crypto Market before other exchanges did, and comes up with 114 rounds of IEOs in Nov 2019 as a result. Currently, Bitsonic excelled 300K+ registered users with 25K+ DAU, 9 trading markets including 180 trading pairs with a daily turnover of 30 Million USD and plans to establish subsidiaries in Vietnam in the first quarter of 2020. Also, collaboration fuels CoinTiger’s Global Liquidity Alliance Program. 

On 16 December, Bitsonic will be listing the “Unicorn” projects of CoinTiger, GOM & MOGX without fees. Besides pairing BTC, ETH & USDT to GOM & MOGX, Bitsonic will also set up GOM/KRW & MOGX/KRW (Korean Won) pairs for Korean investors. “Unicorn Booster” is a funding scheme dedicated to increasing the holdings of outstanding projects listed on CoinTiger, GOM & MOGX has outperformed with their excellent market liquidity and thus earns the funding support & the “Unicorn” title. The release of the “Global Liquidity Alliance” is considered an additional step in the Unicorn Booster scheme that strengthens the liquidity of high-quality blockchain projects globally. In addition, CoinTiger uses such a strategy to improve asset liquidity and to fable itself in advantaging aspects. 

CoinTiger reached nearly 2.8 million valid users after 2 years of operation. Besides cryptocurrency & contract trading services, it also provides financial guidance, IEO and one-stop financial services, and more services will gradually introduce into the ecosystem. In terms of innovation and strategies for improving market liquidity, CoinTiger is the first to originate programs like Unicorn Booster & Global Liquidity Alliance.

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