My Success Team shares: Focusing on Business Mission is the Secret to Success

In every organization or business, it is most likely that they have listed their mission statement. A mission statement defines an organization or a business, its reason for being, and why it exists.

It should also define who its primary customers are, the products or services, and even the geographical location it will operate.

However, with all the day-to-day responsibilities of running a business, business owners and their team tend to lose sight of the company’s mission. Over time, they remain too focused on surviving the competitive environment of the industry and they forget their core values.

My Success Team shares that for a business to become successful, business owners must remain focused to its mission as it seeks to improve the performance and productivity of his business.

My Success Team teaches business owners that as leaders, they have the responsibility to make their team understand their role in supporting the company’s mission. Promoting the company’s mission to the employees will result in a positive culture and a higher level of employee engagement.

Why does a mission matter?

Employee engagement and retention is a crucial part of the success of a business. Employees who are not engaged can result in decreased productivity and it will greatly affect the growth of a business. Such a scenario may result in business owners to spend more time looking for the right people for the company rather than just focusing on the employees they already have.

Additionally, having a mission allows the company to define what it stands for which can, later on, lead to growth and success. It also reflects the company’s commitment to serving the community both locally and globally and can build trust with its consumers.

Importance of Focusing on the Mission

According to My Success Team, staying focused on the mission drives the performance of a company. A mission should be given value aside from hanging it on the walls of a company or just simply putting it as a banner on a website. Here are the reasons why it is important to focus on the mission:

  • It drives loyalty across generations – For the Baby Boomers, Millennials, and Generation Xers, purpose and mission are two strongest factors that drive them to do their best at work. Having mission-driven workers results in higher productivity and they remain loyal to the company in the long-run, thus, preventing loss of key employees and costing the company less over time
  • It fosters engagement – My Success Team emphasizes to its clients that having a strong mission and staying focused on it can help promote consumer passion, brand engagement, and brand differentiation. It is important to let employees know what their company stands for and what makes it different among its competitors.
  • It brings clarity – Being focused on a mission can drive and guide in decision making and judgment. A clear sense of what matters most helps business owners know their priorities and determine the best path to take for the success of the company. This clarity inspires dedication and conviction.
  • Improves strategic alignment – Mission helps business owners to set performance goals, establish and balance priorities, and align rewards and compensation. If the company’s mission is to deliver “world-class” services, it is the responsibility of business owners to hire people who can deliver to that promise.
  • It is measurable – Business owners should provide a reliable assessment for employees such as employee engagement surveys to determine their attitude towards their work and how it contributes to the company’s mission. Such an assessment should be used as a guide to help employees connect their work behaviors to the ultimate purpose of the company.

My Success Team wants to emphasize that being having a mission-driven company is what will take it to where it wants to go in the future. As cliché as it may sound, business owners should walk the talk and stand behind the mission. Employees must see them in action through their leaders in order for them to embrace the company’s mission.

Moreover, communicating clearly the mission and ensuring employees that they can contribute to success is also critical for the growth and development of the company. Just like a person’s well-being, it is important to maintain and nurture the health of the company and consider the mission as the heart of a business.

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