Let’s Revive the Forgotten Sunnah All Over Once Again, Join Hands With Bd Health to Revive the Forgotten Sunnah Hijama

Let\'s Revive the Forgotten Sunnah All Over Once Again, Join Hands With Bd Health to Revive the Forgotten Sunnah Hijama

Jaabir (may ALLAH be pleased with him) narrated the Prophet (peace be upon him), “If there is any good in your medical treatments, it is in the knife of the cupper, cauterization with fire or drinking honey, as appropriate to the cause of illness.”

It refers to Hijama which was a common practice used for the treatment of a wide range of ailments during the time of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAM). Unfortunately, it is now a “forgotten sunnah” which we want to revive with the power of collaboration.

Hijama is like a Cupping therapy! It is highly successful in treating many health conditions such as Constipation and Diarrhoea, Headaches, Injuries, Asthma, Anaemia, Depression, Common cold and flu, Skin problems, Weight loss, and this is just to name a few. 

By drawing toxic blood from the body, the process of Hijama effectively detoxifies and cleanses your body. New blood cells are produced and the immune system is strengthened. Muscular and skeletal issues can also be effectively treated with Hijama.

We at BD Health have every sincere intention to revive this useful Sunnah with the power of collaboration and we request you to check our fundraising campaign video here.

BD health is a wonderful organization focused on making Hijama accessible to everyone, including people who cannot afford it. BD Health is committed to improving the health of Muslim & non-Muslim Brothers and Sisters in various communities.

You can perform a Sunnah by donating to this important project called The Hijama Clinic if you like to donate money to our Launchgood crowdfunding campaign.

By helping this project, you can: 

• Help others remove their pain and suffering

• Have abundant blessings in life through the Du’a of others & 

• Revive a forgotten Sunnah

Don’t wait! Donate to Hijama Clinic today and become part of a wonderful revolution! Please visit our page to get started. 

BD Health is also rewarding donors in its own little ways. When you donate towards this important project, there’s a special gift awaiting you based on the level of donations. Kindly visit the BD Health page for more details.

One of the best things about Hijama is that it is pretty much safe to be carried out as long as you are visiting a trained professional. However, some of the side effects wherever the cups touch your skin includes burns, mild discomfort, skin infection, and bruises. 

If you are looking forward to getting Hijama done, then you need to talk to your doctor in the first place. You may ask your therapist questions like, what are the conditions where cupping is used, what is the experience of the person who is claiming to serve you, are there any reasons that I should not get the cupping done and so on. It is highly suggested to get details of the service provider before getting it done. 

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We at BD Health are working real hard to bringing attention of people towards BD health care especially the usefulness of this therapy named as Hijama. BD Health is a government enlisted health portal & philanthropic health organization providing updated BD health news and addressing the critical needs of people in Bangladesh to be specific. 

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