Kennedy Cee’s Simple Strategy for Landing High-Ticket Clients

How would you love to have clients pay $3K to $15K for your services?

Does anything between $50K and $200K or more look like what you’d love to see in your monthly balance?

If that’s the case, then you’re about to see how simple it is to achieve this – and more.

One guy who does it like it’s his royal heritage is Kennedy Cee, founder and CEO of ClientsValley.

He’s built ClientsValley up to a company making over $450K per month (I’m sure the numbers must have gone up by now).

There’s one philosophy he’s carried over the years that have been instrumental to the success he’s had with ClientsValley.

Here’s what he says,

“You don’t need 1,000 clients to make a million dollars. 100 clients that invest $10K in you or your service is all you need.”

He’s a strong advocate for high-ticket selling. He believes that a few premium clients you can get great results for, is all you need to scale your business fast.

Let me tell you a little bit more about him…

Kennedy Cee is a Master Business Coach – he’s an expert you will love to learn from.

He makes it effortless and exciting for coaches, consultants and service professionals to get a consistent flow of new perfect clients… whenever they want and at any price.

He’s helped coaches, thought-leaders and service providers all over the world take their businesses from struggling to 5 and 6-figures per month.

The amazing thing is the way he goes about his results.

His method is a simple step-by-step strategy. It’s simple and straightforward that anyone willing to put in some work can follow it.

One more thing, he doesn’t leave his clients high and dry. This is a unique ability you find in just a few business coaches – maybe one out of every 100.

Most coaches just reel out instructions for you to follow and there’s no solid support. You are left to figure out those complicated steps all by yourself. Nothing step-by-step.

And, if you’ve been a part of any coaching program before, you notice that most of them dish out information at you sporadically without a definitive step-by-step approach.

In fact, I’ve heard of someone who paid $10K to a popular business coach. But when they needed help with their Facebook ad, the coach wouldn’t respond at all. That’s the kind of garbage you find today in the business coaching world.

Kennedy Cee is far different from these kind of coaches.

Matter of fact, he has a team of world-class experts at ClientsValley that provides all the support that clients need to get the results they desperately need.

The support is on four different levels; technical, mindset, sales, and copywriting/ad.

Technical Support

At ClientsValley, they have a team that helps you look at your client-getting system. They look at your sales funnel, identify what’s not working, and helps you fix them.

It’s not a one-time thing. They continue to work with you on your client-getting system until you start seeing results from it consistently.

Matter of fact, this is one of Kennedy’s superpowers. He creates sales funnels that generate crazy high conversions. Before ClientsValley, he made over $1.5 million in the space of 24 months creating amazing sales funnels.

You can rest assured you have the best team to help your business.

Mindset Coaching

This is a critical aspect of running a business most people ignore.

You can have a great product or service, have the best step-by-step strategy in the world. But, a wrong mindset puts a clog in the wheel of your business.

Kennedy Cee from experience knew that helping clients build amazing sales funnels was only a piece of the puzzle. He believes in providing result-focused business solutions to his clients. A solution to all their client attraction problems.

So, at ClientsValley, there are mindset coaches dedicated to helping clients deal with fear and overwhelm that comes with selling at high-ticket or premium prices.

Sales Closing

You can have tons of warm leads – hot ones sometimes – come in through your funnel. Without good sales closing skills, none of them translates into clients.

Sales closing is an art. ClientsValley has perfected this art in their business.

Matter of fact, they close at least one out of every five leads that come into their business. That’s a 20% conversion rate. Less than 1% of service professionals can achieve this.

This is what they effectively teach their clients.

Copywriting and Ad Development

To sell effectively or convince people to go through your funnel or ad, knowing how to write good sales copy is a must. At ClientsValley, they take a look at your choice of words in selling or promoting your offer. And, their world-class copywriters help you fix the broken parts of your copy.

Having problems with creating the right ads or targeting? It’s no big deal. They have a team of world-class Facebook and YouTube ad creators that’ll help you with this. This means that your business cannot fail, literally.

When you have this in your business, success is guaranteed.

The best part is…

They have training where you can learn all these and a lot more.

In the training you’ll also be shown the simple strategy Kennedy Cee uses to magnet high-ticket clients into his business.

I started by asking…

How would you love to have clients invest $3K to $15K for your services?

Does anything between $50K and $200K per month look like what you’d love to see in your bank balance?

If the answer is YES…

Join the workshop today.

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