Open Box Apple Ranks #1 Among Twenty Open Box Electronic Stores Based on Product inspection

Open Box Apple Ranks #1 Among Twenty Open Box Electronic Stores Based on Product inspection

December 20th, 2019 – Buying phones, laptops or other electronic products from the open box category is becoming a popular trend in the US. Stores display such goods in open boxes, and now there are online stores too. But which online open box stores are really reliable? spent some time and money doing the research, and the findings have now been released.

For those who love a good discount, a new option to emerge is open box electronics. Goods that have been returned to the store with little to no use, often after only unpacking the box, fall under the open box category. Usually discounts up to 20 percent are offered, and the product are expected to be as good as new. 

How do open box electronic stores rank in terms of Quality, Price and Customer Support. bought the same iPad from over 20 open box stores, and looked into the products. The stores were then given scores, and the top 5 online open box electronics stores can be viewed on the site.

As per the rankings, the best open box store turned out to be The store carries out inspection and tests across 18 product points before shipping a product. According to their findings, these open box products were as good as new.

The second top open box store on the rankings was Newegg. This store is a marketplace, and thus buzzing with many sellers, raising concerns over consistency. The same issue arises with the #3 open box store, Walmart. In terms of quality, Walmart scored the same as the #4 open box store, Target. Target usually sells electronics in physical stores, and thus requires a personal visit. The #5 on the ranks was Best Buy, however it ranked low on quality and customer support as their definition of open box comprises returns rather than display units.

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