ISTE educators in the Ogden School District are creating a technologically innovative environment

Ogden School District is proud to have the highest concentration of ISTE certified teachers in Utah. ISTE, which stands for the International Society for Technology in Education, helps teachers to innovate and implement new teaching techniques into the classroom to help their students. Ogden School District got a head start on gaining ISTE certifications by attending training in Austin Texas in November of 2018. The early training allowed Ogden to complete the certifications before the start of the 2019-2020 school year and begin implementing new techniques immediately.

To become ISTE certified, educators must complete a rigorous series of courses and curriculum. First, instructors must complete a two-day face-to-face training, followed by five to eight weeks of course work. Once the training is complete, participants have six months to apply their new knowledge and create a portfolio based on their experience. When the process is over instructors are officially ISTE educators and can assist students to improve their digital citizenship by learning how to navigate the web, create citations, and publish work online.

ISTE educators transform learning in the classroom and meet students’ individual needs. At Ogden School District there are currently 4 ISTE certified educators who include Ashlie Cashin, Ian Davey, LaJean Elder, and Adam McMickell. The ISTE educators at Ogden School District are assisting in making the district innovative with a focus on pedagogy first and tech second. In conjunction with teachers, ISTE educators design learning activities that focus on students’ use and application of technology for learning. Through new techniques of teaching that utilize technology, students can gain valuable skills they can utilize for the rest of their life.

Ogden School District is on its way to becoming recognized as a Utah EdTech Endorsed school. The ISTE certifications are a path to the district gaining recognition from the Utah Education Network (UEN). The ISTE certifications also help the district to interact and support other school districts and staff in Utah. In March, Ogden School District was able to lead UEN’s Certification Authorized Provider training. The district will also be able to continue training their staff and employees to integrate technology into the classroom based on their experiences with ISTE and training.

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About Ogden School District

Established in 1849, Ogden City School District is an inner-city district, enriched by multicultural diversity. Ogden School District is committed to providing safe learning environments that stimulate our students’ curiosities, promote continuous improvement, and serve our surrounding communities. We believe that each student has the right to be appropriately challenged through a variety of academic and extra-curricular opportunities, should have access to high quality instruction, and should be supported in their effort to exceed the basic standards.The district strives to provide students and families with programmatic choice through a variety of academic and extra-curricular opportunities.

The Ogden School District consists of thirteen neighborhood elementary schools (K-6), three junior high schools(7-9), two comprehensive high schools (10-12), one alternative high school and one youth-in care school. The district faculty and staff serve approximately 11,500 students and their families. Ogden School District’s vision is to empower excellence through education!

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