Certified FinTech Analyst Institute Released FinTech Knowledge & Curriculum System

Financial technology (Fintech) used to describe new technology that seeks to improve and automate the delivery and use of financial services. Recently, a new FinTech knowledge and curriculum system has been announced by Certified FinTech Analyst Institute.


Certified FinTech Analyst (CFTA) Institute, founded by professional financial industry alumni from Washington University and Webster University. This organization aims on training FinTech professionals in artificial intelligence generation. In June 2019, CFTA officially launched global certification system. CFTA holder indicates that who have mastered FinTech with business/financial analyst identity.

Eligibility of Certified FinTech Analyst (CFTA)

The CFTA Institute operates globally and promotes financial specialists to obtain FinTech skills.

To register for the CFTA, a candidate must:

  • Have a financial background bachelor’s degree, be in the final year of completing a bachelor’s degree
  • Have 24 years of full-time work experience in financial industry or Passed CFTA or FRM LEVEL I exam
  • Have an international travel passport or ID number in specific countries
  • Must complete CFTA courses

Also, candidate must pass all three levels of the CFTA exam. The CFTA Institute hold exam in each level once a year in June and December. All three level exams are online and will be held in English and local language.

CFTA Curriculum & Exam

CFTA Exam & courses are involving all necessary skills for a financial analyst who is under this innovative generation, including computer programming (python), data processing, AI application in financial area.

Level I exam: contains Python Programming, Database Technology and Application, Statistics in Python Application, FinTech in Economics, Analysis and Programming in Financial Statements.

Level II exam: has Quantitative System Design, Application of FinTech in Company Financial, Application of FinTech in investment, 1st part.

Level III exam: consists of Data Analysis and Application, Application of FinTech in Investment, part two, Application of FinTech in Risk Management and FinTech Advanced Application (block-chain, machine writing, NLP etc.)

It aims to help financial employees in their daily jobs with technology, instead of training IT specialists .Once a candidate complete all three levels of exams, he/she will become a member of the CFTA Institute.


Firstly, studying CFTA courses could improve candidates’ personal skills in financial market, including market analysis, investment research, quantitative trading and risk management etc. CFTA holders will have more flexible choices in selecting jobs.

So far, there is not any FinTech specialist training course/certifications in the market except CFTA. CFTA members have first-mover advantage in FinTech training market.

Lastly, from our research in human resource market, FinTech specialists or employee who have FinTech skills has more than fifty percent plus salary offer than traditional finance offers. A candidate who has IT skills also have advantage in competing with other candidates in a job-seeking process.


To learn some IT skills is a time consuming and made people abandon easily. The CFTA is not a path on transfer from other jobs to financial industry since financial background is requested. Additionally, CFTA is not famous since FinTech is relatively new area. Employers may not value this certification from candidates’ resume.


According to CFTA institute, Level I online curriculum will available in Mooc and open to college students. Students who has major in finance, accounting and management will have eligible to apply this free curriculum.

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