Funeral Options Available For Families in Tacoma, WA

Funeral Options Available For Families in Tacoma, WA

While losing a loved one hurts, modern mourners have more freedom to grieve in their own way than people did in the past. How people honor death is no longer dictated by society, and some religions have even changed their views on accepted funeral practices. This does not take the pain away, but it does help people manage grief in the way best suited to them. However, this can lead many people wondering how to appropriately and respectfully honor the passing of a loved one.  Many people find themselves combining elements of traditional funeral services with the wishes of the deceased when planning a memorial service.  Find more info here on different ways to memorialize the deceased.

Traditional Funeral Services

Traditional funeral services refer to what a funeral home does to prepare a body for burial.  They include removing the deceased to the funeral home, obtaining death certificates, working with any local officials, sanitizing the remains, and transporting the deceased to the cemetery.  In addition to those services, many people also want viewing and memorial services.  When a body will be viewed, then it needs to be embalmed, dressed, groomed and placed in a casket.  The funeral home will usually provide a room for those who want to visit with the deceased before death as well as a place for the memorial service.  Memorial services may also be held in churches or at a graveside.  Generally, there is a reception after a memorial service for traditional funeral services. 


It may be hard to imagine, but cremation was once considered taboo for many Americans.  That was largely linked to some religious beliefs that suggested that cremation would somehow impact a person’s afterlife.  However, most religions have changed their perspectives on cremation, which has opened up the possibilities for honoring the dead. With cremation, funeral services, celebrations of life, and other memorials do not have to occur immediately after death.  Also, with cremated remains, it is possible for people to share remains or for someone’s final resting place to be in a place where burial is not possible.  Cremation services start with transporting the deceased to the funeral home, getting death certificates, cremating the deceased, and providing the remains to the family.  Of course, it is possible to add additional funeral services to cremation. 

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Compassionate Planning

Tuell-McKee Funeral & Cremation Services has been providing funeral services for the Tacoma area for almost 100 years.  Since 1926, they have helped create an atmosphere that allows loved ones to choose the best way to remember their loved ones.  They provide a wide range of funeral services, designed to meet each family’s needs.  These services include removing the deceased from the home, preparing the body for viewing or burial, cremation, memorial services, and viewings.  Whether planning ahead for a funeral or in need of immediate funeral or cremation services, they provide the people of Tacoma with the compassionate service people want following the death of a loved one.

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