SonaLy Spa provides the most beautiful facial service throughout Vietnam

With the desire to become a ‘soul mate’ of each customer, the doctors at SonaLy understand each concern about health, skin and beauty, thereby developing regiments to solve each individual problem. Using a combination of treatments, SonaLy promises a beauty to its customers that is safe and lasting.

The owner and CEO of SonaLy Spa, Huong Ly, has worked and cooperated with leading professors in the Korean Beauty and Research Institute to transfer and import the most advanced beauty technologies currently available to Vietnam. She feels that her organizations purpose is to cater to every client’s individual needs and demands, and, in her own words, “W“e look forward to becoming a psychotherapist, working towards and addressing every client’s worries and problems. That is what we have always wanted as a confidant standing on the point of view of customers”. SonaLy Spa operates on the slogan ‘No skin does not improve’.

SonaLy Spa, or, SonaLy Beauty Spa (as it is often called), provides a range of high-quality eyebrow-sculpture services, which include sculpting male eyebrows, Feng Shui Sculpture Eyebrows, 3D Eyebrow Sculpture, and Ombre Eyebrow Sculpture.

Sculpting eyebrows for males, is harder than it is for females, because experts will have to meet the requirements to convey the true, natural eyebrows such that other people cannot recognize the aesthetic signs and indications. The technique of sculpting the eyebrows for men is done meticulously, with the thickness of the eyebrow carved like real eyebrows, and the natural eyebrow tail not nearly as sharp as that of the female eyebrows.

Feng Shui is a pseudoscience originating from China, which claims to use energy forces to harmonize individuals with their surroundings. Ancient Chinese often determined health, wealth, longevity, fortune, and happiness, by looking at the eyebrows, which shows that the eyebrow general is extremely important for a favorable destiny. Adjusting the eyebrow line can help change career paths, fortunes, logistics. Adults who own a brow-busting general, can perform Feng Shui eyebrow sculpture according to appearance to benefit destiny, communication, promotion, love. A good eyebrow general is an eyebrow shape where the size is in harmony with the overall features. Both sides of the eyebrow must be balanced, and the eyebrows must also commensurate with the color of the skin and hair. The eyebrow hair must grow down, be sharp, have a soft fiber, a suitable length, and a balanced width.

SonaLy Spa also provides the best 3D sculpting across the country. Eyebrow sculpture is a technique of semi-permanent removal of eyebrow hair with many breakthrough improvements. Specialists will use a specialized engraving pen to insert tattoo ink under the skin, engraving each eyebrow in natural shape and direction to achieve the highest level of natural appearance. Special techniques are used to create meticulous eyebrow hair, and specialists use sculpture sets, including three different types of pen.

Ombre is a unique type of sculpture, which uses the latest technology, which is significantly better in several ways, compared to traditional methods: it is fast, durable, and suitable for many different types of eyebrow styles.

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