EasyLifeHelper Review: Tips for Strengthening Parent-Child Relationship

Studies show that the development of the parent-child relationship is one of the most complex connections that one has with another human being. This relationship involves the need to balance obedience with love and authority with compassion.

Experts find that parents usually make the mistake of focusing only on the basic needs of their children — bathing, eating, sleeping, and playing. However, their relationship with their children remains stagnant and transactional, often.

It is no doubt that parenting is one of the most challenging responsibilities that one can have. This fact is also the reason why, for the past decades, thousands of books on parenting, parent-child connection, and other related topics are now famous around the world. Everyone is curious about how to do parenting right — or at least build a genuine and lasting connection with their children.

So, here are some tips for strengthening the parent-child relationship through love, compassion, and strong bond:

1. Make daily physical connections.

A family expert study shows that “humans need at least four (4) hugs a day for survival; eight (8) hugs a day for maintenance, and twelve (12) hugs a day for growth.” Parents have an essential role in fulfilling their children’s need for physical connection. If you are a parent, family experts recommend that you hug your child when they wake up in the morning and when they sleep at night. The physical connection can also be in the form of walking around together in the park or carrying your child in an infant carrier.

This need for a physical connection between a parent and a child is also the reason why many companies nowadays, such as EasyLifeHelper, focus on providing innovative products that can enhance the parent-child relationship. For instance, EasyLifeHelper offers a Multi-Purpose Infant Carrier that can carry a maximum of forty (40) pounds or eighteen (18) kilograms. It can carry a child aged up to twenty-four months.

In general, infant carriers help parents maintain their connection with their infants or toddlers while they run their errands. Through these carriers, parents can bring their children wherever and whenever they go without sacrificing the time that they spend in building an authentic and lasting connection with their children.

2. Play together.

Bonding is not just through warm embraces. It is also developed through spending quality time together. For instance, a mom or a dad can build a stronger bond with their children as they do their bath time, playtime, or even sleeping time. To do this, parents need innovative and easy-to-use devices that can help them enjoy parenting.

For instance, EasyLifeHelper offers a Baby Non-Slip Bath Pad that a mom or dad can use as they bathe their infant or toddler without worrying about their child’s safety. There is also the SnuggleBear Sleepsack that is suitable for children aged up to five years old. Through this sleep sack, parents can teach their infant independence in sleeping while still providing the best comfort. Also, the Robo-Pal Baby Walker assists moms and dads in teaching their children how to develop their motor skills and hand-eye coordination while still spending time with them. It is made of durable materials, so the safety of the child is not an issue at all.

3. Travel together.

One of the most exciting parts of parenting is traveling together. Traveling does not need to be as complicated as having a long-haul flight to go overseas. It can start by walking around the park or going along to the nearest mall where moms and dads can begin trusting themselves in bringing their children outside.

Devices such as an Adjustable Baby Walker helps a child enjoy outdoors while still maintaining their safety. Moreover, products such as SaferSeat Baby Safety Car Seat is useful in securing a child’s security while their mom or dad drives the car. 

4. Keep things organized.

As it is often said, “happy parents, happy baby.” This saying means that when the parents’ experience of raising a child is fun and exciting, a baby’s experience will be the same too. It is easier to enjoy and to focus on what matters when things are kept in order. EasyLifeHelper also offers Multi-Functional Nursing Diaper Bag and Mommy’s Lil’ Helper Baby-Care Bag. These products help moms and dads keep things organized as they build their relationship with their children wherever and whenever.

All in all, if you are a parent and you find parenting challenging and complex, there are many products, such as the ones offered by EasyLifeHelper, that can make your experience as a mom or as a dad more fun and hassle-free.

To know more about EasyLifeHelper and its products, visit its website at https://easylifehelper.com/ or send an email to support@easylifehelper.com.

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