NHU has been one of the top 30 listed companies in Zhejiang Province in terms of internal control for three consecutive years

On November 2, the “the symposium on internal control for public companies and the press conference on the release of the 2018 internal control index for Zhejiang public companies” jointly sponsored by School of Management of Zhejiang University, Academy of Global Zheshang Entrepreneurship, Zhejianag University, The Listed Companies Association of Zhejiang and Zhejiang Association of CFO was held in Hangzhou. NHU was awarded the top 30 listed companies in Zhejiang Province in terms of internal control. The company has won this award for three consecutive years.

It is said that the internal control index report of Zhejiang listed companies is one of the important research results of the National Natural Science Foundation key project “Research on the information ecological link and the effectiveness of enterprise internal control”. The school of management of Zhejiang University has held the internal control forum of listed companies for three consecutive years, aiming to provide a platform for excellent listed companies to share experience, jointly advocate the construction of good internal control culture and basic system, improve the ability of major risk prevention of listed companies, and promote the high-quality and sustainable development of listed companies.

The internal control of an enterprise consists of five elements: internal environment, risk assessment, control activities, information communication and internal supervision. Strengthening Internal control is the institutional guarantee for the stable and healthy development of enterprises, and also the cornerstone for the effective operation of capital market and the sustainable and high-quality development of enterprises.

With the adjustment of the international economic structure, the accumulated risks in the medium and long term of China’s economic system begin to appear intensively, strengthening internal control, preventing the occurrence of major systemic risks, so as to ensure the stable development and healthy growth of enterprises, which has become a major issue and urgent task for Chinese government and enterprises.

Over the years, while maintaining the rapid development and steady growth of the company’s performance, NHU has constantly improved its corporate governance structure, standardized the company’s reasonable operation, and always insisted on strengthening internal control, seeking high-quality and sustainable development, and building an everlasting enterprise with stable foundation.

In terms of organization and human resource management, NHU has set up departments reasonably and continuously improve employees by means of training. Company constantly recruits high-quality talents and provides promotion channels for employees. Also, the managers make clear the work responsibilities and requirements of each post to ensure the smooth implementation of work and management.

In terms of the company’s institution, NHU has improved various rules and regulations and accelerated the effective implementation of various management.

In the aspect of budget control, NHU strengthened the management of budget control, implementation, analysis and assessment, analyzes and controls budget differences in time, and takes improvement measures to ensure budget implementation.

NHU has been one of the top 30 internal control companies of Zhejiang listed companies for three consecutive years is a recognition of NHU’s developmentwhich shows that NHU has good internal management ability, risk prevention and control ability, and fund mobilization ability. With the rapid development of NHU, it pays more attention to the stable and high-quality development.

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