Manu Francois, the Caribbean born musician is bringing a fresh new wave of Pop music

Manu Francois is a Caribbean musician who is currently living in New Zealand. He stands out from the rest, not just for his Rastafarian hairstyle but his fresh new take on genre-bending music. The multi-talented artist started out with Death Metal playing drums and guitar in bands like Athenic and Word of God, before moving to acoustic songwriting on his own and in the Morning Sun Trio. He later tried his tongue at Rap music in 2017 and released a Rap album called Check It, featuring the hit songs Ain’t Over Yet and When The Tip Top Topples. Then in 2018, he released an EDM style album entitled Release with beautiful hit songs such as The Blissful March, epics like The Forest and Dance anthems like Gyal Yo Body Know. All of his songs were released on major music platforms including YouTube, Soundcloud, and Spotify.

Manu Francois is known for his rapid-fire flow, superb singing, solid writing and sharp as hell production. He has been one of the more slept on powers in the musical community in recent years, always bubbling underneath the surface of the mainstream on the various audio and video platforms, as well as live sets around the world. Manu’s past work on projects like “Release” (2018) and “Check It” (2017) are just begging to be uncovered. Thankfully, his latest singles from 2019 have been more than just good enough to get noticed; they’ve brought an excellent mix of creativity, self-awareness, and super dope production.

The past year has looked to be a great one for Manu Francois with his singles such as “Rush”, “Dedication”, “The Devil In The Throne Room” and “Nest Egg” getting thousands of views on all the major platforms. His songs have beautiful vocals, are sonically captivating and emotionally satisfying. His live performance is also wonderfully energetic and captivating. Every song is inspired by the artist’s life, travel experiences and the people he has met which gives these songs an intellectual timelessness and worldly relatability.

More intense and gripping, truthful and inspiring releases and international collaborations are expected and forecast from Manu Francois and his team at Paradise Studios in New Zealand. Keep a keen ear for his music, find him on your favorite streaming platform and add Manu Francois to your playlists today.

All in all, Manu Francois has something to offer for all kinds of moods and different music lovers.

Listen to his songs on Soundcloud and YouTube.

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