The Best of Both Worlds: Top Coach Consulting’s Outstanding Business Coaching and Digital Marketing Services

Business is booming. Owing to a strong economy, increasing number of lending entities, and high loan approval ratings among lending institutions, there’s been an uptrend in the number of new small businesses. The trend has been going on for several years and it is believed that it will carry on well into the foreseeable future.

The average length of the business life cycle and business success rate seem to remain the same in the past two decades, particularly with small businesses. 20% of small businesses fail in their first year, 30% of small businesses fail in their second year, and half of all businesses fail in the fifth year. Only 20 to 30% of businesses survive to reach a decade of operation. This means more and more people are trying their hands in running their own business as the price of entry has been lower but many fail to sustain their business endeavor.

There are many reasons why businesses fail. Studies show that inadequate capital access and dried-up cash flow are the main culprits. But experts also agree that money issues are just symptoms of deeper trouble. Further root cause study paints a different picture.

When asked, owners of failed businesses will also cite running out of cash, pricing and cost issues, and lack of access to supplementary capital. However, 42% of them also attribute their failure to having no market for their service and products, 19% say they were out-competed, 17% say they failed because they lack a good business model and 14% attribute failure to poor marketing.

Based on feedback from business owners, there seem to be two sides to the same coin. There’s the market landscape as an external factor that greatly affects the outcome of the business, and internal ones like planning, management, and execution. Again, it seems that to increase their chances of success, entrepreneurs, start-ups and small business owners need to be knowledgeable in understanding and dealing with the market, and very good at operating their business. It’s about having two fields of expertise.

Although the details of running a business can be numerous and complicated, hitting the two areas of marketing and leadership covers a lot of ground. The good news is that there’s not a need to address the two areas separately. Top Coach Consulting, a leading provider of marketing solutions for start-ups and small businesses provides complete marketing programs that include executive development courses.

Business owners can avail of any one of several premium marketing packages of Top Coach Consulting that will promote their products and services using comprehensive marketing strategies. The strategies will include a combination of proven digital marketing tools and media avenues such as web development, email marketing, social media campaigns, content creation that includes blogs, infographics, and other text and visual mediums, influencer marketing, and even SEO reviews and revamp for any ongoing digital marketing efforts.

The service feature that truly gives Top Coach Consulting a higher value proposition is the inclusion of consultative sessions and coaching calls that are included in the premium packages. Depending on the package chosen, these development services can range from marketing consultation that helps clients with program fitness to executive coaching sessions that not only follows thru on the marketing execution of leaders but also incorporates a number of skills development necessary to make business operations successful.

Depending on program specifics, coaching sessions from Top Coach Consulting can include any of the following: goal setting and action planning, effective team play, correct delineation of responsibilities and accountability for actions and commitment, and communication. Lessons offered by Top Coach Consulting have the dual function of giving the chosen marketing strategy the best chance for success in the hands of the clients, and further empowering clients as the business leaders because the lessons can easily be applied to the other aspects of their business. In short, with Top Coach Consulting, business owners get better marketing results and come-out as better leaders. Top Coach Consulting provides offerings that are the best of both worlds.

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Top Coach Consulting is a leading provider of online marketing solutions. Offerings include single services like sales letter creation, content creation, and other digital marketing services, and also combined services or premium packages like full-on marketing campaigns.

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