Usefirst App Launches to Help Cancel Unwanted Subscriptions and Build a Savings Habit

Innovative fintech startup, Usefirst, launches the first-of-its-kind mobile app in Europe that helps users to easily cancel subscriptions and build a savings habit

London – January 9, 2020 – According to the ING survey, about 29% of Europeans have no savings at all, and this phenomenon is looking to be any better in the near future. Usefirst, a fintech startup, is looking to change this narrative with the launch of a financial health app that is dedicated to helping people start saving consistently and cancel unwanted subscriptions.

Usefirst is particularly unique as it helps people build a savings habit on a daily basis. The app offers a daily budget coach feature free of charge, while also recommending how much a user can spend a day to achieve a savings goal by the end of the month. Based on spendings, the daily budget is recalculated, with the app interactively encourages the user to stick within the budget when spending too much. On the other hand, the app praises the user when he spends less than recommended.

Usefirst partners with Ltd, which is regulated and authorised by the FCA, and utilizes Open Banking under PSD2, a game-changing banking regulation. The app currently supports more than 4000 banks across the whole EEA.

In addition to helping people to build a savings habit, Usefirst has introduced a recurring payments cancellation service – the first ever in Europe, to help people get rid of unwanted subscriptions. Citizen Advice revealed that an average British household loses about £50 monthly or £600 yearly on unwanted subscriptions.

“The beta-testing showed that 75% of testers had the unwanted or forgotten subscriptions costing them hundreds of pounds yearly. One of our beta users wasted £2,208 yearly on forgotten subscriptions. We canceled them and saved £2,208 for the user. I’d say it wasn’t an easy task. Sometimes merchants and even banks neglect to cancel such payments under request. So it can be really time-consuming. That’s why our service helps people save not only their money, but also time as well as protect their consumer rights,” said Сonstantine Ignatenko, founder and CEO of Usefirst. The service is able to cancel about 80% of all types of recurring payments and the feature is available for Premium users.

The app has been launched in the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, France, Ireland, Poland, and Spain. Usefirst has also announced plans to release the product in the USA, Canada, and the whole EEA during 2020.

The app is currently available only on the App Store for iOS users, with a monthly premium subscription fee of £9,99 and an annual subscription that comes with a 42% discount. For more information about Usefirst, please visit –

About Usefirst

Usefirst is a fintech startup that aims to reshape the way people build wealth and manage money by putting users’ financial health first. The solution can be described as a coach and doctor for money. Usefirst will introduce its consumer financial management products to the fullest extent on an incremental basis during 2020 and 2021. 

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