New Efficient Technologies and Financial Solutions Open Up Highly Profitable Trillion Dollar Opportunities

New Efficient Technologies and Financial Solutions Open Up Highly Profitable Trillion Dollar Opportunities
New opportunities make traditional investments a thing of the past.

Los Angeles, CA – As early as 2014, leading business, finance and IT experts around the world announced that, sooner or later, an absolute killer solution will completely revolutionize global economy, financial and Internet systems.

Alas, it has been a long wait for such a lifechanging application, yet here it is – the Easy Life Community & Blockchain Network (ELC).

With the ELC, it is time to forget investments in banks, Google, Facebook, Amazon or the leading cryptocurrencies, to divest it and to reorient in time.  The Network shows how the future works and, it should be perfectly clear, that this business model will soon be one of the largest ever existing success stories of the international economy, financial, and Internet markets.

Why will the ELC have such a dramatic impact?  The answer is simply because the Easy Life Community & Blockchain Network will not only pay each registered user – worldwide – a monthly Unconditional Basic Income of about $2,000, but also represent a perfect combination of all functionalities of Facebook, Amazon or Alibaba, as well as of the leading cryptocurrencies. All build on an independent, fast, fair, and secure blockchain and cryptocurrency, which will inevitably be used in all future economic sectors.

Due to the unprecedented economic benefits of the Easy Life Community & Blockchain Network, it is easy to assume that masses of Internet users will make a lightning-fast switch from the usual standard offers to the ELC.


  • a new, globally operating, central administration with a new, globally valid medium of exchange that is completely independent of sovereigns and price fluctuations at the rate of multiple times the total world capital added of all currencies globally traded;
  • in addition to the security from financial crashes, all users of this new, globally valid medium of exchange will completely, automatically, and without any effort and costs, receive a monthly unconditional basic income of about $2,000, month after month;
  • all users of this platform will also fully and automatically receive up to the full purchase prices or investments made in fiat currencies back in annually increasing installments, no matter when, where, and what they shop or invest in, and how high the price or the investment will be;
  • all combined with a global social community like Facebook where 35% of the advertising revenue is automatically shared among all users and a global online store, such as Amazon or Alibaba based on fiat currencies and the own proprietary medium of exchange, and more …

And now, imagine the potential benefits of being a part of such an incredible opportunity…

Spontaneous investors are – until the end of March 2020 – invited to benefit from an exceptionally highly profitable, private pre-IPO investment.

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