Heart Water Foundation to Serve Society with Relief from Disease and Addiction at Every Corner of the World

Heart Water on a mission to lead a healthy and mindful place for people to live

The Heart Water Foundation has been established by Michael and Ylianna Dadashi, the founders of Infinity Recovery rehab and addiction treatment center. The prime goal of this organization is to improve the lifestyle of children experiencing extreme poverty, addiction and diseases in the world.

These experienced professionals have given a concept of Heart Water that is believed to be 100% sustainable and cloud harvested rainwater. The content is packed in a BPA free bottle that is 100% recyclable. The professionals at Heart Water Foundation can create a difference with rainwater. They have developed a healthy solution with rainwater that is harvested from the clouds and never touch the ground below. This water is free from any kind of harmful chemicals, pollutants, and contaminants. The foundation makes use of the 25-point micro-filtration process that leads to the cleanest and purest water. In a recent International Water Tasting Competition, the Heart Water project received a silver medal for its ultimate quality.

Stats reveal that more than 1 million plastic bottles are being produced every minute around the world. As they cannot be recycled, they are posing huge harm to the environment, human population, oceans, and animals as well. That is why professionals at Heart Water Foundation came up with a new concept of Aluminium Bottles. They are recyclable and do not cause any harm to the environment. Other than this, Aluminium Water bottles also keep water cooler for a longer duration.

This healthy water storage system can lead to a healthy body, mind and soul while saving people from harmful diseases. They are capturing the attention of communities around the world with their social media campaigns that are designed to ignite the empathy and authenticity for everyone and everywhere. Millions of people have enjoyed amazing benefits from the reliable and quality services offered by this foundation. The teams are continuously working hard to recreate a world full of happiness and authenticity all around. These aluminum-based water bottles are available on the official website at a reasonable price and they offer a healthy solution for a happy life.

About Heart Water:

The prime goal of Heart Water® is to foster healthy connections between the mind, body, and soul of people around the world. They believe in providing second changes of living life in the healthy mode to all those who are struggling hard with addiction. The determined teams of professionals are here to serve the universal thirst for love and connection, making this world a more mindful place. They offer tailored and proven treatment options to the patients. The mission is to pour hearts out and ignite a ripple effect of authenticity and empathy for all people everywhere.

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