Absolute Maintenance & Consulting Frequently Finds Leaks In California Homes’ Condensation Lines

The key to controlling mold in your home is moisture control. Nowadays, in California, condensation lines during the summer season are a common source for leaks. It is critical to quickly find the primary source of a moisture problem, as they often lead to costly water damage and hazardous mold exposure.

In today’s California homes, professionals recommend preventative maintenance to fight water damage. California property owners should take action before water damage occurs, and mold growth starts. If not dealt with professionally, a mold problem has a high probability of resurfacing.

Preventative maintenance is designed to help take quick action before mold growth can begin. For example, regularly checking for high humidity, condensation problems, water leaks, and any HVAC system maintenance issues. If mold growth is found, a professional protocol is highly recommended.

Make sure to hire licensed water damage restoration professionals. Amateurs can make the problem worse and possibly spread mold exposure throughout the building. Consulting professionals protects the health and safety of the building occupants.

Here are 5-Steps that should commonly be recommended by water damage restoration specialists if a moisture problem is found:

Step 1. If a moisture problem is detected, it should be addressed within 24-48 hours. The first step is to stop the source of water. Absolute Maintenance and Consulting provides a well-organized list detailing each step of their water damage restoration process, and after the work is complete, how to provide preventative maintenance for your building or home.

Step 2. A reliable water damage restoration company ensures the communication between all parties involved is thorough and transparent. For example, it’s essential to communicate clearly to building occupants the mold remediation process, as appropriate to the situation.

Step 3. The next step is to do water damage clean up. Your water damage service professional should select appropriate cleaning and drying methods for damaged and contaminated materials.

Step 4. Hire professionals to carefully contain and remove mold and building materials inside of the containment unit. Be aware that the appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment) should be used by the professional doing your job, or as needed. Depending on the size of the area involved, dehumidifier, fan, and the ozone treatments to thoroughly and quickly dry out the areas during the remediation process. 

Note: The final clearance test can take place until the area is completely dry. If there is a waterproofing issue involved in this process, then the area must be corrected first before the work can be completed.

Step 5. Once the work is complete, the next step is for the water damage restoration company to check the work with final clearance testing, if the customer requires that, at an additional expense. If necessary, you should always arrange for an outside professional, third-party testing company, to further support the testing on behalf of the company and the client.

After all the mold growth has been contained and the source of moisture repaired, then the testing can be taken care of and carried out, and then restoration can begin.

About Absolute Maintenance & Consulting:

We are a qualified, family-owned company, serving the greater Los Angeles area and beyond. We also do water intrusion investigation, mold remediation, water damage clean-up, and repair waterproofing issues where needed.

At Absolute Maintenance & Consulting, we use the Clean Seal products that are both FDA and EPA approved. In every aspect of our work, we try to use the best quality materials that are eco-friendly and natural, organic products for cleaning mold when necessary. Call us today — 310-256-2307.

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