ProUptimeMonitor Helps Business Owners Improve Website Performance with Efficient Uptime Monitoring

In creating a website for a business, there are a lot of things that business owners should consider – the purpose, theme, design, search engine optimization (SEO), content, and a ton of other factors. But the most special thing to consider for a website is its performance. The functionalities will help determine whether a website is a winner.

A website can be compared to a traditional brick-and-mortar business; it needs to be clean, friendly and well-stocked. It is the key to the return on investment (ROI) of a business, the success of the brand and the satisfaction of its consumers. Therefore, it is vital that a website functions as efficiently and smoothly as possible.

According to surveys, it will take no longer than 3 seconds for a customer to stay on a website before abandoning it. Imagine that – a half-second difference in load time will greatly affect an online business’s sales with a 10% difference. That is why investing in improving the performance of a website is vital.

Companies like can provide performance testing tools to improve website performance.

Who is is an online platform that provides quality website monitoring services. It understands that a website is the face of every business and is expected to be performing well and running smoothly. The platform was created to help business owners improve their website performance with efficient uptime monitoring. provides consistent website monitoring and analysis to ensure that business owners are not caught unaware in instances that their websites are not performing smoothly.

The internet has become the new home for most people, as it provides consumers with all the necessary details that they need in determining their choice of brands, products, and services. They say that customers are often the ones who shop with their voices. With the continuous advancement in technology, businesses are expected to offer quality services to meet the demands of internet-savvy customers.

To meet the customers’ needs, businesses need to ensure that their websites are in tip-top shape. provides businesses the essential tools needed to monitor critical web infrastructure, as well as determine the cause of website downtime and provide actionable insights into what went wrong.

Why is website performance important?

Website performance is the key to the success of a business. A well-performing website matters because it leads to an increase in conversion rates. Based on studies, in every second beyond the 3 seconds that a website is down, conversion rates drop to 7%. This goes for e-commerce sites; if a website generates $10,000 per day, a 7% drop equates to over $2.5 million a year.

A better-performing website helps improve brand awareness. The competition in the marketplace has grown tremendously and making a brand has become a huge challenge for business owners. SEO has been a constant struggle in every business. If a user visited a site and then bounced back to the search results, search engines will assume that the website was not relevant. This is attributed to poor keyword relevance; thus, that website’s ranking will drop.

One of’s missions is to drive the growth of its clients’ business by optimizing and improving their website performance. This is done using modernized and up-to-date performance testing tools to ensure that the websites are optimized for greater speed and are performing properly.’s uptime monitoring services provide business owners 24/7 efficient monitoring services, including web load testing, full page load, and transaction monitoring. These services minimize stress for business owners and provide them with peace of mind, which lead to a better-performing business and satisfied clients. also provides analytic reports through email, SMS, and calls to alert business owners of the status of their websites. The report also includes what causes their website’s downtime to keep business owners informed and enable them to act on the issues before they recur in the future.

Regular website monitoring plays an important role in the success of a business.’s uptime monitoring services help business owners assess the performance of their websites. This would help them determine the necessary improvements needed to achieve an optimally performing website that customers expect.

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