LOS ANGELES, CA – JANUARY 9, 2020 – It would not come as a surprise to anyone that the promised land of La La is swarmed by amazing talent from the world over, and that the mythological Hollywood will never cease to draw the very best out there to showcase their skills and make it “big”. But who really runs the show business and how does an aspiring talent really get the gig – is the million dollar question. And the answer is quite simple – a good agent who knows the right people and who can make the dots connected. And while the agent stays in the shades of glory, one of the top-rated talent agencies, “Kosta”, is going all out with the new and kostly addition to its roster – an international dancing star – Adriana Kostetska.

“Kosta agency is focused on representation in all areas of the entertainment industry, including but not limited to, motion pictures, independent films, commercials, modeling, stage, radio broadcasting, television, speaker engagements, and many more creative projects,” says Mr. Zakiyants, a founder of Kosta and a talent agent. “However, we strive to broaden our horizons, and dive into the exciting world of dancing and choreography. We believe with the talent such as Adriana, together, we can achieve even greater heights. We welcome her into the Kosta family.”

Ms. Kostetska is an internationally acclaimed dancer and a choreographer. Hailing from the eastern European country of Ukraine, she has graced the largest of stages in her homeland and the former Soviet space. But her name is truly internationally known for her appearances as a choreographer of such international projects as “Dancing with the Stars”. In her recent years in the United States she has been a choreographer for Enrique Iglesias, Jennifer Lopez, Machine Gun Kelly, Dj Kass, Lele Pons, Little Mix and many others. Uniquely, she was also a star in the internationally acclaimed Circus Hermanos Vazquez, something that no your typical choreographer may pride herself of.

As the agency is en route to expanding its presence, Mr. Zakiyants is currently in negotiations with some of the largest Las Vegas productions as well as here, in Hollywood.

“Adriana brings to the table years of invaluable and diversified experience, knowledge and proficiency in European and American dance styles, ability to stage choreography for the top-rated artists. She has built a name for herself around the globe and we are confident that Adriana will achieve even greater heights in her dazzling career, while we are here to make it truly happen for her.” – Alexandr Zakiyants

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