Ofsted Protects Children’s and Teachers’ Welfare and Improves Educational Standards

“The reason we’ve gone for quality of education framework is that what children are taught and how they are taught is really very important. It’s the summation of everything that we do.” – Gill Jones, deputy director of early education at Ofsted.
Parents are getting more and more concerned about their children’s school experience. Since educational standards are decreasing, schools are underperforming and kids leave schools unprepared for adult life. Ofsted is looking after pupils and making sure they get the best education and childcare possible.

Every parent wants their child to get the best education and school treatment possible. Unfortunately, many schools can’t provide them with it due to bad curriculums, uncomfortable working environment, or unprofessional leadership. As a result, children leave schools stressed, dissatisfied, and lacking knowledge that will be useful in real life. The Office for Standards in Education (Ofsted) has decided to put an end to such treatment and make sure children get the education they need and deserve.

The UK educational system has been widely criticized for a good reason. According to the Department for Education from 2017, 12% of schools fall well behind the floor standard. The major issue is the complicated, inefficient curriculum. Some subjects, such as English and Maths, are given priority over others, leaving children lacking basic knowledge in some other major topics. The organization of the curriculum is such that children do not advance naturally and the lessons they cover do not prepare them well for the upcoming material.

Another crucial problem is knowledge assessment. Schools focus on short-term knowledge and prepare students to pass their exams with flying colors. There is a lot of cramming and little understanding of the learned lessons. Once the exam is passed, that knowledge is quickly forgotten and children finish schools without essential life-long knowledge.

Working conditions at schools are yet another reason the education system is underperforming. Teachers are overworked, inefficient, and sometimes mobbed by their superiors. Aft’s research has concluded that over 60% of teachers are under stress at all times. 58% claim that their mental health has deteriorated since they started their teaching careers. These numbers are shocking and it’s no wonder the educators cannot provide high-quality education to their pupils.

Ofsted has made it its goal to protect both the pupils and teachers and improve the educational standards across the country. This organization’s school inspections focus on aspects of education that need to be improved, as well as on the elimination of unnecessary workload.

Ofsted is not there to judge the teachers or insult their teaching methods. It’s there to help them develop their skills even further. The inspectors may point out how material presentation, assessment, and feedback could be improved. They will assess the curriculum as well, and make sure it follows the following standards:

  • It is well-organized so children can easily and naturally move on to more challenging lessons

  • It is based on proactive thinking

  • It leaves the children with the knowledge that can be used after they’ve finished school. 

The inspectors will notice if the staff is mistreated in any way. They may suggest methods that will make the working environment more comfortable and effective.

Ofsted publishes all its inspection reports, which include all sorts of data that the general public needs to know. From these reports, parents can learn if their children are getting a proper education. The reports also cover any potential illegal practices and teacher mistreatment.

Ofsted inspects each school approximately once every three years. If you are a parent concerned for your child’s education and welfare or a teacher who believes your bosses are a bit shady, feel free to contact Ofsted and require an additional inspection.

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