Flooring Trends for 2020: Real Wood. Real Life.

Flooring Trends for 2020: Real Wood. Real Life.

“Real Wood. Real Life. – Flooring Trends for 2020: We live in a time where people desire more authenticity — whether that be on social media, real-life, or in the home.”
Articles highlighting interior design trends for 2020 indicate consumers have an increasing desire for warmth, character and authenticity in their decor choices. This is good news for those of us in the hardwood flooring industry.

It’s always a great time to consider installing that flooring that you have been thinking about for so long now. Of course, we are talking specifically about hardwood floors. So many home or office owners would love to have wood flooring in their buildings, but are simply unaware of the many benefits which accompany its use. We live in a time where people desire more authenticity — whether that be on social media, real-life, or in the home.

Wall Street Journal article, titled “The Top 6 Interior Design Trends for 2020” indicates that rich and warm real wood is on-trend in 2020. People want rooms that are a bit more cozy, with richer, darker colors, noted Jenna Rochon, co-founder of Transition State design in Los Angeles. On the floor, that translates to walnut, mahogany and dark oak. New York designer Young Huh also noted a tendency toward “finishes with old-world charm.” Honey-toned species like oak and maple contribute to a casual vibe, said Ms. Goldman, “but since they pair nicely with warmer hues, the final look is not as faded out” as that of bleached wood.”

Another recent article at Realtor.com. “If you’ve been relying on faking expensive decor, we’ve got bad news: Look-alike materials such as wood-look porcelain plank tile and faux stone will be out in 2020,” says Amanda Amato-Scotto, CEO and principal designer at AMA Designs & Interiors.

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Here are 10 reasons you should make hardwood your next flooring option:

1. It’s a renewable resource

2. It’s an all-natural product with diversity in color and grain

3. It helps support responsible forest management

4. It’s the easiest surface to clean, requiring less harsh chemicals

5. It’s the ideal choice for allergy sufferers

6. It’s good for the environment and cleaner than alternative production

7. Finishes are easily restored

8. It’s a smart investment

9. It gives a warm and welcoming feeling to all who visit

10. It is easier to move or rearrange furniture on

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