1864 Panda Itinerant Exhibition Helps Ecological Civilization Construction of Haikou

On Jan. 5, the opening ceremony of 1864 Panda Itinerant Exhibition, co-sponsored by Haikou Municipal People’s Government, World Wide Fund for Nature (Switzerland) Beijing Office (WWF), One Planet Fund (OPF), was held in Wanlv Garden in Haikou. 1864 Panda Itinerant Exhibition shows the natural history and ecological civilization construction achievements of Haikou to the public through a series of activities carried out around Haikou. WWF will continue to work with various partners to help the ecological civilization construction of Haikou.

Photo: Wang Lei, Deputy Mayor of Haikou Municipal Government, Delivered a Speech

Photo: Event Site

“1864 Panda Itinerant Exhibition” will be held in Haikou from Dec. 30, 2019 to Jan. 15, 2020 for New Year’s exhibition. The exhibition is divided into Wanlv Garden main venue exhibition and Haikou Citizen Tourist Center branch venue exhibition. Haikou Second Administrative Office Area, Meilan Airport, Bell Tower, Arcade Old Street, Five Ancestral, Meishe River National Wetland Park, Wuyuan River National Wetland Park, Haikou National Sailing Base Public Pier and Friendship Sunshine City, etc. held a panda flash punch event.

This lively and down-to-earth panda flash activity attracted many citizens and tourists to stop and interact with each other, with children taking photos with baby pandas at the event site.

Photo: Event Site

At Wanlv Garden venue, the exhibition not only uses words and pictures to introduce the history and achievements of panda protection, but also calls for the public to pay attention to the marine plastic problem, with the photographic works of dozens of photographers from home and abroad warning the public: problems of plastic ingestion, entanglement and toxic substances, etc. are tormenting the marine environment and marine life. It is time to take actions to prevent these problems from continuing, to protect biodiversity and to ensure a future in which man and nature thrive together.

Through a series of activities carried out around Haikou, 1864 Panda Itinerant Exhibition shows the natural history and ecological civilization construction achievements of Haikou to the public, promotes the concept of civilized tourism to citizens and tourists and advocates the common protection of the excellent ecological environment of Haikou.

Wang Lei, the deputy mayor of Haikou Municipal Government, said in his speech, “Taking Haikou New Year’s carnival as an opportunity, Haikou Municipal Government will cooperate with WWF and all sectors of society to show Hainan free trade zone (port) construction and Haikou ecological civilization construction achievements to the world through 1864 Panda Itinerant Exhibition Haikou Stop this year, helping beautiful new Haikou, the riverside coastal garden city, develop to a higher level. I hope that citizens and tourists can further enhance their awareness of environmental protection through this exhibition, protect the ecological environment of Haikou carefully like caring for babies and protect the blue sky and green water of Haikou jointly.”

Ms. Lu Lunyan, the COO of WFF Beijing Office, said, “As the national pilot ecological civilization zone, Hainan Province has issued the highest standard ‘Ban on Plastic’ in the country. It is because of valuing the exemplary role of Hainan Province that WWF has been promoting ‘Plastic Reduction’ and has launched ‘Hainan Plastic Waste Collection and Community Support Project’ here since 2019. Haikou, as the core city of Hainan pilot free trade zone (port), is also one of the first batch of international wetland cities, which has an excellent ecological environment. We take 1864 Panda Itinerant Exhibition as an opportunity. In the future, WWF will continue to work with various partners to help the ecological civilization construction of Haikou and promote the public advocacy of green consumption jointly.” (Haikou Tourism Culture & Radio & TV Sports Bureau)

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