A Romantic Music Buddy: AXLOIE Mega Bluetooth Speaker

How to boost happiness? We suggest you do some small things:

1. Eat fruit and vegetable every day;

2. Get a flower that never fades;

3. Get a Bluetooth speaker, so you can listen to music or audiobooks immediately after going home from work.

Yes, a Bluetooth speaker could be a romantic gadget that helps us enjoy life. Have you noticed that more and more people regard Bluetooth speaker as an essential gadget for listening to music? But if you’ve never bought a Bluetooth speaker before, you might be confused to choose one among countless audio brands. Today, we’d like to share some important reasons why you should get a Bluetooth speaker, and highly recommend beginners a new Bluetooth speaker — AXLOIE Mega.

1. Totally Portable

The number one reason to get a Bluetooth speaker is that it’s totally wireless. Without a cable, a wireless connection offers a lot of great advantages. AXLOIE Mega, for instance, due to the design concept — Bluetooth 5.0 advanced technology, small size, and stylish look, it’s truly easy to carry, no need to take your gadget with you and totally focus on what you do.

Portability means that AXLOIE Mega can be used in a variety of scenarios, whether indoors or outdoors, such as mountain climbing, friend gatherings, barbecue in the backyard, or doing yoga at home, Listening to some beautiful music is a wonderful way to ignite emotions and increase motivation wherever you go.

Surprisingly, Mega is the most striking Bluetooth speaker of AXLOIE for the freaking cool RGB LED light indicators Bluetooth speaker. Converting the lighting modes to different scenes can help you immerse in music and light up the party atmosphere. Plus, at night you can switch to pure white light mode and fall asleep with the lights. What a romantic scene!

2. Universally Compatible

Bluetooth technology is globally unified, you can easily connect Bluetooth devices for audio enjoyment, data transmission or phone calls. For Bluetooth speakers, compatibility is universal. At present, mobile phones, tablets, etc. all support Bluetooth function, which is very convenient to connect Bluetooth speakers and enjoy music anytime, anywhere.

Though built-in the latest Bluetooth 5.0, AXLOIE Mega wireless speaker is totally backward compatible with Bluetooth 4.0, Bluetooth 4.1 and Bluetooth 4.2, which can link most Bluetooth devices. Plus, it creates a wider wireless signal range, better wireless audio quality, more stable connection.

3. True Wireless Stereo

Many people worry about the sound quality, surely you should. But we live in an era of high technology, the audio technology is greatly improved, so we can get more superior sound from Bluetooth speakers.

For AXLOIE Mega the compact speaker, it has adopted True Wireless Stereo technology that allows you to pair two Mega speakers to enjoy dual enhanced 3D music. With two speakers, you can get a 360° stereo sound and an immersive experience. anywhere and freely switch to the world of music.

The high-quality 10W Bluetooth speaker reproduces super-powerful bass, rich mid-range, and clear, high-pitched sound. There would be no distortion at any volume and the crystal clear sound would amaze you all day long.

4. Fast Transmission Speed

Compared with other transmission methods such as infrared, Bluetooth has obvious advantages in terms of speed. When choosing a Bluetooth speaker, be sure to pay attention to the Bluetooth version. Don’t consider the Bluetooth version below 4.0, which may not guarantee good battery life and signal transmission.

AXLOIE Mega speaker is adopted Bluetooth 5.0, the most advanced version, which has the advantages of lower power consumption, more stable signal transmission, and Bluetooth transmission distance of at least 15 meters. (2X Speed, 4X Range, 8X Data than the previous version Bluetooth 4.2)

5. Long Battery Life

Compared with the disadvantage of short battery life of mobile phones, a normal Bluetooth speaker effectively makes up for this disadvantage, with 7-8 hours or longer playtime.

With 1000mAH high capacity rechargeable battery, the total playtime of AXLOIE Mega Bluetooth speaker is up to 12 hours, which exceeds the standards of many similar wireless speakers, allowing you to spend a long day. It’s absolutely an ideal buddy when you travel, go hiking, driving, clean house, cook or simply relax on the sofa, etc.

6. Hands-free Calls

Bluetooth speakers support hands-free phone calls which can free up your hands to do your business, such as share a call with your family or colleagues. Plus, if you don’t have a Bluetooth system in the car, a Bluetooth speaker would be the best choice.

Built-in microphone, AXLOIE Mega Bluetooth speaker can meet this requirement, allowing you to answer/reject a call by simply pressing the buttons.

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