Offset quadrant steam showers from Lisna Waters with additional discounts at JT Spas

The modern bathroom can be equipped with all the trappings anyone could need, but nothing contributes to a modern bathroom’s look and feel more than a steam shower. Steam showers are excellent for relaxation and rejuvenation, and more homeowners are now reaping their full benefits. Today, JT Spas gives homeowners an excellent chance to own a steam shower with its additional discounts on offset quadrant steam showers from Lisna Waters.

JT Spas has always been careful with how it selects the bathroom products it offers, more so when the products are big-ticket items such as baths and shower enclosures. This is one reason why JT Spas has been able to retain its excellent reputation – simply because it tests out all the products in its range and makes sure they are up to par with its high standards.

But more than this, JT Spas also makes sure that its bathroom products are affordable and can benefit everyone, and this is another reason why customers continue to flock to JT Spas to avail of the latest bargains and discounts. One particular discount which has already made a lot of customers happy is the reduced pricing for the offset quadrant shower enclosure manufactured by Lisna Waters and exclusively available at JT Spas.

Offset quadrant shower enclosures are highly popular due to their unique and practical shape, and these offset quadrant steam showers are available in either left-handed or right-handed versions at JT Spas as well. And now, thanks to JT Spas’ great relationship with Lisna Waters, these offset quadrant steam shower units come with even better discounts.

At JT Spas today, customers can purchase the Lisna Waters offset quadrant steam shower enclosure for a mere £1,115, and this is already a substantial discount from the unit’s original price of £1599. The offset quadrant steam shower certainly does not disappoint when it comes to features, as it comes with features that include touch control panels for easy, modern, and convenient control of the shower and an FM radio and Bluetooth connection. Additionally, the steam shower comes with chromatherapy lighting for a more visually therapeutic shower experience, and it also has six massage jets, a freestanding stool, a thermostatic sensor, and a designer rain shower head.

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