Kick Ass New Year: Must-See Action Films From DarkMatter TV

Kick Ass New Year: Must-See Action Films From DarkMatter TV

Ooze action with DarkMatter TV’s list of must-see action films for the New Year.

Los Angeles, CA – Jan 10, 2020 – Greetings earthlings!

Hello, this is Zane Zartrod AKA Captain Wham, hailing from the Black Knight satellite, which has been orbiting the earth for over 10,000 years.

As a space jumper, I travel through the Milky Way from planet to planet, fighting crime against the mutant beam-blasters. The job is a whirlwind of explosive mayhem, but I live for the thrill and adventure.

Recently, I was orbiting the galaxy when I found the DarkMatter TV spaceship. Stepping inside the app, I was welcomed by the sign: “The very best content from the dark side: the best horror, sci-fi, action and true crime entertainment.”

I couldn’t believe my eyes – a place for show-stopping action entertainment, even crowded in this sci-fi obsessed galaxy?!

Heading down the “action” pathway, I couldn’t contain my excitement for explosive spectacles full of epic fight scenes, dangerous car chases and high intensity adrenaline rushes. And boy, I was mind-blown by all choices – 2020 is going to be oozing action!

Zane Zartrod AKA Captain Wham’s “Kick Ass New Year: Must-See Action Films From DarkMatter TV”:

  1. The Assassin (2015) – Hou Hsiao-hsien
  2. Swelter (2014) – Keith Parmer
  3. IP Man: The Final Fight (2013) – Herman Yau
  4. Young Bruce Lee (2010) – Raymond Yip, Manfred Wong
  5. The Courier (2019) – Zackary Adler
  6. Wu Dang (2012) – Patrick Leung
  7. Bunohan: Return to Murder (2012) – Dain Iskandar Said
  8. Tai Chi Hero (2013) – Stephen Fung
  9. Steam (2017) – Pau Han Kho
  10. Instant Death (2017) – Ara Paiaya
  11. Tai Chi Zero (2012) – Stephen Fung

Action-packed and fun, grab your friends for the non-stop thrill ride of the DarkMatter TV app today!

I’ve just received a 9-1-1 – time to battle some mutant beam-blasters!

Catch ‘ya on the dark side,

– Zane Zartrod AKA Captain Wham

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