Phoenix, AZ Custom Furniture Designer, Paul Rene Custom Modern Furniture and Cabinets, is changing the Way Customers Tell Their Story

Phoenix, AZ Custom Furniture Designer, Paul Rene Custom Modern Furniture and Cabinets, is changing the Way Customers Tell Their Story

Phoenix, AZ – Paul Jeffrey is changing the perception of what is furniture with his business Paul Rene Custom Modern Furniture and Cabinets. His customer influenced designs, known for its expressive qualities, is making a big splash in the Phoenix – Scottsdale market. 

Paul’s fresh approach to the purpose of design, at the highest levels, has earned him numerous awards. In 2019, he earned two First Place Design Excellence Awards from the American Society of Interior Designers and was named Design Icon by Sources for Design, a long respected trade magazine. 

Jeffrey recently returned from the Netherlands where he was invited to speak at the Royal Academy of the Arts at the Hague. His topic; If the Artist Isn’t Free, Human Progress Will Stagnate. 

Paul’s rise in the interior design and furniture profession epitomizes the American dream. A native of Detroit, his blue-collar dad told him many times growing up, “Son, I don’t want you to grow up to take a job. I want you to grow up to make a job.” Little did Paul know that he would grow up to fulfill his father’s wish. After serving in the Army in the officer ranks, he studied industrial design and was later hired by Ford Motor Company as a concept car designer. He enjoyed the material prosperity that came with that job until something abruptly changed. 

In 1995 he attended a lecture urging black men to take responsibility for their dysfunctional communities. “It was there that I heard for the very first time in my life, this profound fact; the ghetto is and continues to be because of brain drain. The unforeseen results of Integration and Affirmative Action siphoned the talented 10th from the community and into the American melting pot, causing disorder and confusion among those left behind. There is a leadership vacuum and so upon realizing that I was one of the siphoned, those childhood words spoken by my father sprung up. Within days I quit Ford.” 

Paul would then reverse course and rededicated his life and skills to create jobs and provide leadership and direction within the inner city where many of his family members still reside. Unprepared for the task, he quickly went bankrupt – losing everything and experiencing poverty and many other hardships for the next 20 years, as he mastered designing and manufacturing emotionally charged, high end wood furniture. He finally got a big break when he was asked to develop wood office furniture for the daughter in-law of the founder of the Bashas’ grocery store chain. That opportunity was the beginning of establishing Paul Rene as a source for exclusive “art disguised as furniture”, as described by his Canadian client who commissioned Paul to design and build several custom pieces.

Every Paul Rene is a one-of-a-kind that tells the customer’s story. During the consultation stage, a designer visits the client’s home or business and listens intently to understand their unique viewpoint, needs and the voice of the space. During the creative phase, that contextual information is synthesized and expressed through the client’s personal style language; transitional, mid-century modern, contemporary, or modern rustic. The last stage is in the hands of Paul Rene’s master craftsmen, who transform the raw materials – hardwoods, veneers and metal into remarkable symbols that speak of the client’s identity and values. 

Paul Rene’s scope of custom furnishings includes home media walls and entertainment centers, home libraries with rolling ladders, kitchen cabinetry, custom office furniture and bedroom and dining room furniture. Their custom work eliminates purchasing mistakes, ensuring style, scale, material, color, and functionality are exact. 

Paul Rene is also a licensed contractor. For remodels that require other specialty contractors, they refer and coordinate with a trusted team to ensure your custom work is ready for immediate use. 

A Paul Rene is more than furniture. It is a conscious expanding material expression of layered meaning, designed by an uncommonly prepared artist with a mission. Currently Paul Rene is currently exploring ways to start a woodworking training and apprenticeship program as part of their ultimate objective to restore livable wage manufacturing jobs back to the inner cities. 

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