Arab Capital Group partners with KPKPTA to launch Indian Situation Fund

Arab Capital Group and KPKPTA Investment Advisors Ltd. will launch the KPKPTA Special Situations Fund, which will target a range of non-performing loan (NPL) opportunities in India. The fund will target pre-stress and distressed opportunities, with a focus on providing financial support to pre-stress companies to prevent them from entering bankruptcy.

The fund’s goals are related to the government’s commitment to reduce the number of non-performing assets in the economy. “Institutional investors can play an important role in building a successful secondary market,” said Arafat Methi, executive director of Arab Capital Group. We have a broad mandate in India’s NPL market to invest across sectors across asset types, and our new partnership with KPKPTA will help this process and help ease the burden of NPLs on the Indian financial system.”

As a long-term investor in India, Arab Capital Group holds, directly or through its subsidiaries, a number of asset classes including equities, fixed income, real estate and private equity. Encouraged by India’s strong economic strength, as well as continuous economic growth and maturing regulatory and legal systems, India’s economic activity has increased in recent years.

Recent investments by Arab Capital Corporation are closely linked to the main priorities of the Indian government, including affordable housing, infrastructure development, renewable energy and corporate credit.

Arab Capital Group also signed a fund cooperation agreement with KPKPTA to jointly launch the Indian Food Fund, which focuses on high-end brands in the condiments, packaged foods and healthy snacks, and focuses on India’s brand value, competitiveness, growth potential and representing the future Consumer demand for quality businesses.

Arafat Methi, Executive Director of Arab Capital Group, said: “We plan to reach more than just our strategic cooperation in India. In the future, we will reach strategic cooperation with many Asian countries such as China, Japan, South Korea, etc. India has always been concerned about food safety in the country We have also been paying attention to food safety issues. Given the ability of KPKPTA to attach great importance to food safety issues in India, I believe that our strategic cooperation will take India’s economy and food safety one step further.”

Arafat Metehi, executive director of Arab Capital Group, said that not only will they seek cooperation in other fields such as finance, they will also attach great importance to the Internet, and Arab Capital Group is seeking ways and means to embrace the Internet.

According to the official website of Arab Capital Group: Show: Arab Capital Group is seeking global financial cooperation, and intends to conduct inspections and visits with Asia and other countries in the near future to seek more partners to bring Arab Capital Group’s global financial business to a new height.

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