Get Rewarded For Sharing opinions on PresQ App

Get Rewarded For Sharing opinions on PresQ App

“PresQ – Survey, Prediction, Quiz”
Thinkstrocyte Private Limited, a Chennai-based firm, has recently launched a survey-based app, PresQ, that enables users to create and answer surveys and quizzes, and earn rewards at the same time. The app has created quite a buzz by enabling all the users to give opinions and create survey polls on various topics for free.

The world is full of questions to make the right decision. But, very often, answers to those questions are not that easy to find unless there are plenty of opinions to guide you. PresQ Survey app helps its users to create surveys to make informed decisions, gauge popular choices. It also enables the users to earn rewards for sharing your opinion with others.

Whether you are an entrepreneur who wants to know what the market thinks about your product or simply want to know if your business is worth trying – you can create your own surveys and quizzes on the app to know the pulse of the people and be guided by public opinion when faced with difficult decisions that baffle you.

PresQ app is a beneficial survey app that rewards users for participating in surveys/quiz through points that can be redeemed for Cash@Paytm or Amazon coupon instantly,” explains Priya Murali, Director, Thinkstrocyte Private Limited. “The app also allows users to pick trending news and other hot topics to create picture, video-based and audio based surveys/quiz, Predictions, and quiz competitions and distribute their points to the users to create a buzz. The main idea behind the app is to bring people on the same platform to get opinions on various topics and know the public opinion on various topics. It is a very helpful app for marketers and entrepreneurs to know the market and know their customers by creating Surveys/quiz/prediction and build a buzz around their products or service.”

Below are some of the interesting features available in the app:

• Earn instantly redeemable points for sharing your opinion. The points can be redeemed for Cash@Paytm or at Amazon as coupons instantly after submitting your opinion.

• Everyone can Create your own Prediction, Survey and Quiz questions to know what others think about a topic. You can share your polls via Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Twitter, Mail, Instagram, etc., for maximum participation.

• Create highly visual & audio surveys and quizzes in video or picture format or better understanding and better engagement with users. You can also create questions to survey the market, and make smart business decisions by gathering data from real users. 

“With PresQ, we provide our users a new way of engaging with each other, through mind challenging questions that provoke them to think and add more value to life. It is also possible to create private quizzes and share it within your family and friends using messenger apps and social media,” says Priya, who adds that enabling users to share the information they gained from the survey closes the loop and keeps everybody who invested time in a particular question informed.

If you enjoy a good question or wish to be heard, PresQ could prove to be a smart platform for sharing your opinion and earning cash incentives for it, too.

PresQ Android

PresQ iOS

PresQ Website

Android Device Requirements:

• Required Android: 5.0 and up

• Current Version: 1.3

• Size: 8.5 MB

iOS Device Requirement:

• Requires iOS 11.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

• Current Version: 1.3

• Size: 18.7 MB

Pricing and Availability:

• PresQ app is currently available for free on the Google Play and App Store under the ‘Social” category 

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