Digital Marketing Agency – Holistic Made is Now What’s Guud

Popular holistic digital marketing agency Holistic Now has announced that the company will now operate under the name What’s Guud. The Phoenix, Arizona based boutique internet marketing company has served a diverse clientele.

According to announcements released by Holistic Made, and Jonathan & Sascha Schlossberg, the company is rebranding itself to ensure that it continues to remain a top-notch digital marketing agency. It is being renamed What’s Guud.

According to sources, What’s Guud brings to the table proven SEO techniques to help small businesses rank high on the SERPs. The company offers a free SEO audit that small businesses can avail to learn about the opportunities that exist for them to rank higher than the competition. What’s Guud can ensure a client’s continued relevance for its targeted audience through finely tuned Facebook ads that boost brand visibility and the client’s bottom line. Its expertise in leveraging social media for leads generation can result in lower customer acquisition costs. This holistic digital marketing company can drive sales through sales funnels that deliver ripe leads that are easy to convert. Businesses that can give away useful products and services through the sales funnels, for example, widgets, apps, and instructional courses have an excellent opportunity to boost business. Content, topical, and evergreen, is critical for generating organic traffic. What’s Guud can create expert copy that resolves doubts, answers questions, and piques the reader’s interest in a business’s services. 

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Jonathan Schlossberg of What’s Guud said, “Have you ever wondered why another company is able to rank at the top of Google? That’s due to SEO. Today, search engine optimization, both on a national SEO level and a focused local SEO strategy, requires expert attention to all aspects of your online presence. Extending far beyond the reach of a traditional webpage, in a world where rules and algorithms are constantly changing, we have our finger on the pulse and maintain consistency while delivering results. It is impossible to do well in the search rankings without a knowledgeable expert in your corner. What’s Guud is an elite SEO company with a team that keeps focussing on both the on- and off-site aspects of your website, creating current relevant content and keeping you properly positioned as the leader in your niche. With clients across the U.S, we are known for our creativity and ability to deliver impressive results. This has given us a solid reputation within the inner circles of marketing communities. Using the latest technology to monitor and track your site’s progress, we are able to provide the best strategies to serve you and your business. As a top SEO company, we confidently stand behind all our work. What we do works — plain and simple. And we are 100% confident in our ability to help your business with our SEO strategies, which guarantee an increase in your online rankings.”

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