Resolves to Help Underserved Tipped Workers This 2020

There are millions of workers in the United States who depend on tips to make a living. Even though the minimum hourly wage was supposed to be increased to $12 in 2020, these changes take a lot of time to happen. Meanwhile, the underserved population including the waitstaff, baristas, bartenders, and artists are left to struggle. Seeing this need, is making 2020 the year for those who work for tips. is a fun and dynamic program designed to help underpaid hardworking employees who are struggling to make ends meet. Most of these people remain underrepresented and do not have a dedicated safe space where they can voice their woes. is the platform which provides them the opportunity to tell their stories, share their goals and make their creative work visible. 

The digital cash-less age has changed many customers – who often do not keep enough cash in their wallets to pay even a small tip to the worker who served them, no matter how much they like their service. is a safe space that enables customers to pay digital tips to any employee whose work they like. is created with underpaid workers in mind with the purpose of creating a positive community for those who work for tips and the establishments and customers who support them. With this safe space, waiters, baristas, bartenders, and artists can create and upload videos about their experiences, life, hopes, and dreams. Anyone can join our platform free-of-cost and all proceeds will be sent in their entirety to the tipped worker (excluding PayPal transaction fees).

Not only does my purport to help underserved employees, it will also benefit the establishment that participates in the program. Establishments and individuals can sponsor our programs which in turn will boost morale, increase customer loyalty, and improve sales in the long run. Moreover, this is a great chance for you to be fair to your employees and you will be rewarded for it by improved employee retention rate. Additionally, after you donate, you will be eligible for valuable advertising credits on and placement on Our Founders Wall.

Our limited participation packages offered on our Kickstarter page can bring a lot of success to your establishments. Each package comes with various tools for tipped workers to gain extra tips and customer loyalty. Through your participation, you will win very targeted and long term advertising that will increase your business’ visibility and sales.  

We will also be sharing our ad revenue proceeds on a monthly basis. A total 50% of all our advertising revenue will go towards tipping the members on our Each month, we will hold a special Tipping Day” that will help underpaid workers generate as much money as possible that can help them achieve their life goals or pay their bills on time. What’s more, the videos posted by members will be reviewed by special guests, celebrities and our staff, who will surprise the members with a special ad sharing tip. is free and easy to join so make our cause your new humanitarian effort for 2020. For further information, you can visit us at

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