Latest Home Decor Trends for 2020 from Jack Cooper Realty

Latest Home Decor Trends for 2020 from Jack Cooper Realty

As we enter 2020, both a new year and a new decade, we witness how styles and trends start to change. People leave behind the colors and different styles they used to love as they begin to search for something different – something to switch things up in their home. The trends in 2020 are simple yet eclectic, to-the-point and all over the place. We spent the first half of the month shadowing Jack Cooper, a real estate agent in Ellicott City MD, to view the latest homes for sale ellicott city maryland has to offer. Homes for sale in historic ellicott city provide us with a glimpse into the styles homeowners are adopting to sell your home fast and by stylish while doing it! It’s going to be an interesting year for home decoration, and you can get the first look into what we discovered on our journey below!

1. Things are not black and white: this year they are gray.

All throughout the 2010s, we saw white color used for kitchens and bathrooms. Vivid colors were almost the norm for everything else, from living rooms to bedrooms! It seems people’s eyes got tired from all that glow – and everyone wants duller colors for their house now. In an unexpected turn, gray is starting to look like the 2020’s color. And it’s going to be everywhere: people from all over the country are choosing gray to paint one or more rooms in their house. There’s no way you are going to paint everything gray – and that’s why you are going to have to mix it up with 2020’s second color trend.

2. Gray’s no good? Black and gold might do the trick!

What do you get when you mix the goes-good-with-everything neutrality of black and the luxury-aesthetic gold has? The perfect color combination trend for 2020! One that goes along great with the gray color pallet everyone loves now. Whether you choose these two gorgeous colors to paint your walls or choose them in the furniture you can use to contrast your newly-painted gray walls, you can’t go wrong with such a timeless feeling like black and gold have.

3. You can go green if you don’t like dull colors – but it’s not what you think.

The black and gold combination and gray colors may look a little bit excessive for some people. You have a handful of colors and dozens of color combinations – and you decide to ignore most of them in favor of two or three elements. Even though the 2020 color trends are both beautiful and stylish, something is missing there. And that’s where green makes its entrance to complete the package – but you are not going to choose the color green for your walls or furniture, that job’s already taken. People from all over the world are filling their houses with plants and everything green-related to add a little bit of life to their home, and they have awesome results because of it!

4. Going green all the way with farmhouse style.

If you love the idea of going green, you can do it with a more stylish look. One you can find in all things farmhouse-style-related. Wood- and steel-based furniture and their neutral colors are in for the year, a trend that’ll probably last a long time too. It is a simple yet effective strategy for those who want to add a different element in their house, something that goes along with the new green trend everyone is following.

5. Green with a little bit of urban mixed in with prairie style.

If you are already on board with the green trend but not feeling what the farmhouse style has to offer, there are alternatives for you out there. The best one is probably the prairie style. It is similar to the farmhouse style but feels a little bit more modern and less rustic. It’s perfect for those who want a wood and steel feel in their furniture, but do not want to lose the urban sentiment their house has.

6. New decade, old trends – Vintage!

Classics can never go wrong. People are choosing to go back to the 1800s and 1900s to look for stylish options to fill their homes with. Bear in mind vintage style is not chosen for a complete home overhaul, but to spice things up in different rooms around the house. A vintage set of chairs or piece of furniture are used to add a little bit of personality to a room. Don’t overdo it!

7. The roaring 20s are back and so is art deco.

A mixture of all things stylish, a saturated amalgam, something hard to define with words and only possible to understand once you see it by yourself; all of those definitions belong to art deco – something that is making a comeback 100 years after its inception. The 20th-century style is slowly but surely taking over in more than a couple of houses. It’s a great way to contrast those who have chosen a vintage look and it’s a great choice for those who love all things art-related.

8. Mixing old school and futuristic trends with a transitional style.

Trends in 2020 may look like they are all over the place: dull colors mixed with vivid green options. Using rustic, simplistic furniture found in farmhouse and prairie style mixed with the elaborate, beautiful elements of vintage style and art deco. 2020 is all over the place! This is probably happening because the decade is getting started and everyone is choosing new and old things alike, trying to make sense of what the 2020s are going to be. In the meantime, you can make the best of the situation with a transitional style and mix the young with the old, the new with the classics – benefit from the good things all generations have to offer. It may be hard to mix different things together, but it’s worth it!

9. Staying back in the 2010s with minimalism.

If all the different styles and trends may seem like too much, it’s because they are! We are only beginning a new decade, and trends all over the place – you already know this. If you want to wait a little bit until things settle down, the best choice would be to stay with one of the biggest trends from the 2010s: minimalism. This style is defined by keeping things to a minimum and using only what you deem necessary. It is not for everyone, but it’s a great choice for those who want to wait until they have decided what to do with their home in the long run!

Whether you need to buy a home, or sell a home in 2020, knowing the latest home decor trends for 2020 will help you on the next steps of your journey. Thanks to Jack Cooper Realty for taking us along to open houses in Ellicott City, and for the many great tips for buyers and sellers.

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