Kitsch Microfiber Towels help dry hair without damaging it

Compared to the commonly used cotton terry towels, microfiber towels are a better and more viable alternative for your hair.

CA, USA – KITSCH is proud to be recognized as a self-financed, female-owned global accessory brand built on positivity and pure hard work. Established in 2010. Kitsch has grown from door to door sales to selling products in over 27 countries across 20,000 retail locations worldwide.

Kitsch Microfiber hair towels assist in limiting frizz, as you dry your hair. The smooth microfiber material reduces friction on your hair strands, and this helps to keep the hair cuticle smoothed. In comparison, cotton terry towels are known to cause frizzes, owing to their coarse texture.

Microfiber rapid hair drying towels are gentler on your hair, since they are made up of a smoother material that is suitable for fragile hair types. With microfiber towels, there is not much need to maneuver hair in order to dry it, resulting in less friction. On top of it, they quickly soak up water without leaving the hair excessively dry. This promotes retention of softness in hair, and consequently, easy manageability.

The product also cuts down on drying time, by quickly absorbing water. This means that using a microfiber towel is an efficient and a quick way to dry hair, without causing any damage. Since these towels do not make your hair dry, they are an excellent pre-step to hair styling.

One problem with using regular cotton towels is the snagging that they sometime cause throughout the hair, as the tiny loops on the towel can get intertwined with the hair strands. Naturally, this damages your hair and, in the long term, could lead to breakage. In contrast, microfiber is a smoother and softer material, and helps in preventing snags, and, therefore, breakage. With these towels, one does not need to bother with pulling and tugging at one’s hair strands – merely patting the hair will get the job done.

Furthermore, Kitsch Microfiber towels do not leave any hints of lint balls on the hair, hence resolving another problem associated with using regular cotton terry towels. The rapid absorbent properties of microfiber help avoid the hassle of having to rub the towel throughout the hair and leaving traces of lint behind. Plus, the closely woven material of microfiber restricts the transfer of the lint fibers.

Kitsch produces its microfiber towels in the perfect size, which means that they are easy to carry and convenient to use, making them perfect for people who are travelling. Moreover, they are available in multiple, adorable prints like blush-dot and palm-leaf, giving the user a feel of being in a salon or in a spa.

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KITSCH is proud to be recognized as a self-financed, female-owned global accessory brand built on positivity and pure hard work. KITSCH is committed to creating high-quality products that are effortless, elevated and easy to use. From fashionable shower caps to minimal metal hair clips, KITSCH is evolving your everyday essentials.

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