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Creative Biolabs is a whole-heart solution provider in the field of therapeutic glycoprotein in terms of anti-glycoprotein antibody & protein development, genetic/cell line glycoengineering, custom synthesis and so on.

Therapeutic Glycoprotein – a kind of protein composed of oligosaccharide chains (glycans) covalently attached to amino acid side-chains, plays crucial role in immune responses, whose working mechanism lies in the combination of therapeutic proteins like the vaccines, antibodies and enzymes with glycans to realize full activity. Targeting at this crucial means that is undergoing fierce competition around the world on aspects of development time and else, Creative Biolabs has designed a series of associated solutions aiming to assist the researchers and medicine manufacturers with their projects and furthermore, to accelerate and optimize the whole industry.

The advantageous technical platforms are optimized to fit in with the procedures of developing defucosylated antibodies and fully human glycosylated proteins so that various glycosylated biopharmaceuticals can be produced with improved specificities, like bioavailability, stability, and/or immunogenicity.

Glycoprotein Development

The solution regarding glycoprotein is fundamental to meet with versatile orders on the various cells from origins like yeast cells, plant cells and multiple mammalian cell lines, which, combined with the high-end technologies, can eliminate the drawbacks from conventional expression system. The updated leading technique of serum-free media (SFM) will lessen all researchers from the high risk of adventitious agents and heavy economic burden.

Genetic Glycoengineering

The set of operations aims to genetically modify the neo glycoprotein to optimize aspects like half-life, antigenicity, and efficacy, and therefore achieve desired proteins with designated features. Approaches of genetic glycoengineering adopted are comprehensive, mainly including knockdown, knockout and knockin by precision genome editing and overexpression, which can well circumvent issues like heterogeneity, nonhuman glycans in different glycoprotein production systems.

Cell Line Glycoengineering

“We want to improve the protein glycosylation strategies to a higher standard, in the whole industry,” said the head of Creative Biolabs who has been working industriously in the field of antibody & protein design and engineering. The whole set of cell line glycoengineering solutions, part of the all-round glycoprotein production system, is developed in the aim of generating glycoprotein with human glycans in either research quantities or large scale for industrial applications, which except for the above-mentioned gene-editing methods, also utilizes overexpression of sialyltransferases to modulate the sialylation patterns, manipulation of sialic acid biosynthetic pathways and inhibition of sialidases, and glycosylation site insertion and manipulation of glycan heterogeneity, etc. The advanced protein glycosylation solutions allow for selective genetic approaches to generate therapeutic glycosylated IgGs with better ADCC function.

Protein glycosylation is now entering a relatively mature stage in the field of bio-therapeutic methods. Manipulating and studying glycosylation can no longer be satisfactorily realized by traditional genetic means. To overcome the technical barrier, Creative Biolabs has successfully developed several effective strategies.

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