AESF e-Masters Chengdu Are Around the Corner With 28 Teams Advanced from Regional Qualifiers in Thailand

From January 4 to 12, 2020, the AESF e-Masters Invitational Tournament held its online and offline qualifiers in Bangkok, Thailand. The AESF e-Masters organized by Sun Media Group and Sun E-Sports is the first Asian top-level multi-title esports tournament held under the auspices of Asian Electronic Sports Federation (AESF). The AESF e-Masters includes four official game titles – League of Legends, Arena of Valor, PES 2020, and Warcraft III – and two demonstration competitions – Robot Fighting and VR Drone Racing.


Mr. Dong Yong, Secretary General of the AESF e-Masters Local Organizing Committee and Vice President of Sun Media Group, drew for PES 2020 Qualifiers.

In the Qualifiers from January 4 to 12, teams from 21 countries and regions competed for the 28 slots to enter the Finals in Chengdu, China. The teams qualified for Chengdu Finals are as follows:

In addition, for all four official game titles, the teams representing China – the host country – will directly enter the Chengdu Knockout Stage.

Sun E-Sports Aims to Promote Professionalism and Set Industry Standards

The AESF e-Masters Qualifiers held in Thailand from January 4 to 12 consisted of four official game titles, on account of which the Tournament Rules were tailored to be different from the rules of any individual esports competition. The Tournament Rules drew on previous experience of other international esports events and is thus more suitable for a multi-title esports tournament. The Qualifiers in Thailand adopted BO1 round robin format for Warcraft III, and BO3 elimination format for League of Legends, Arena of Valor and PES 2020.


The 9-day AESF e-Masters Invitational Tournament Qualifiers in Thailand was a big challenge for both athletes and organizers on their skills and stamina. Esports athletes from various countries and regions gaming in the same arena not only presented excellent skills and tactics to the esports fans, but also facilitated the communication and exchanges between teams. The announcement of the Qualifiers results sounded the rallying cry of the AESF e-Masters, which will also be a great platform for Asian countries to learn from each other on esports.

Sun Media Group Spares No Efforts to Advance Asian Esports Cultural Exchange

During the preparation of AESF e-Masters Invitational Tournament China, Sun Media Group and Sun E-Sports assisted AESF in formulating the rules of the Tournament. With “new sports + new technology + new culture” at its heart, Sun Media Group actively promotes the cultural aspects of the esports industry, facilitates exchanges among young people, advances the healthy development of esports, and spreads forward a positive image of esports. It is Sun Media Group’s mission and vision to work hand-in-hand with counterparts from all other countries to explore and promote the standardization of esports tournament.

The Qualifiers in Thailand was a successful attempt to formulate rules for international esports competitions, and more specifically, this effort strengthened the spirits of “fair, just and open” in formulating esports rules. As a brand owned by Sun New Light Culture Development Company – a Sun Media Group subsidiary, Sun E-Sports is committed in promoting and cultivating a healthy and continuous growth of the esports industry in the Asian region.

In addition, during the Qualifiers in Thailand, Director General of AESF Mr. Sebastian Lau presented official membership certificates to the esports associations in 16 countries and regions such as Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia.

AESF e-Masters Is in Full Swing, Chinese Teams Are to Be Unveiled

AESF e-Masters Invitational Tournament Chengdu has three stages: Qualifiers, Knockouts and Finals. Since the Qualifiers has been completed, we are expecting the Draw Ceremony for Knockouts to be held in Chengdu, after which the knockout matches will take place in Chengdu from February 22 to 25, 2020. The Grand Finals of the AESF e-Masters will be hosted in Chengdu from February 28 to March 1, 2020.

The Chinese teams have been directly advanced to the Knockout Stage in Chengdu as a host country advantage. The members’ identities have yet to be revealed – let’s wait for the big surprise!

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