Turf Feeding Systems Develops New High Yield Growing Systems for Horticulture

Turf Feeding Systems has developed a new High Yield Growing System™ (HYGS) for Greenhouse and row crop farming, which produces over 80% of the vegetables for the world food markets.

Food production and food security is critical for any country and vegetable production is an important segment. The new HYGS combines new water treatment technologies and probiotic biology to produce nutrient rich (sweet) irrigation water to increase the efficiency of irrigation and grow plants faster at less cost. This will increase crop production up to 50%.

Michael Chaplinsky, the president of Turf Feeding Systems states, “Our new HYGS is revolutionary combining our fertigation system with MagTek water treatment and other technologies to turbocharge the irrigation water with nutrients and grow plants as fast as an enclosed hydroponic system, but without cost of the exotic hydroponic system.”

Our new H5000 is one of our special packaged HYGS for greenhouse up to ten hectares or an irrigated row crop up to 50 hectares.

We can add our HYGS to any greenhouse or irrigated row crop and it can grow plants as fast as an exotic hydroponic system.  For an irrigated row crop farm we can create “Open Field Hydroponics” with high yield and lower costs.

Chaplinsky continues, “We have been in the fertigation business for over 30 years and the HYGS is our new Supercharges Fertigation system to help the greenhouse grower and row crop farmers increase their crop production and reduce costs.  We have small HYGS for small greenhouse growers and small rural family farmers, which make up 70% of world farms, and large systems for multi-house greenhouses and row crop farms over 200 hectares.”

Turf Feeding Systems is a fertigation manufacturer in Texas that produces fertigation system for horticulture and agriculture as well as other markets like golf, sports and landscapes.  It has produced fertigation systems for over 30 years and ships worldwide.

Michael Chaplinsky concludes, “We offer the best high-quality affordable fertigation systems for horticulture and agriculture and I am personally focused helping the rural family farmers of the world become more efficient and profitable.”


Michael Chaplinsky is the president/founder of Turf Feeding Systems, Inc. a Texas company that manufactures in packaged fertigation systems for agriculture, horticulture, sports, golf and landscapes worldwide for over 30 years. He is an expert in water and soil quality and health as well as irrigation, fertilizers and horticulture and agriculture.

He speaks and lectures worldwide at agriculture and irrigation conferences, and consults on several large international agriculture projects.

His passion, interest and work is to help the rural family farmers worldwide to become more efficient, more self-sustainable, more profitable and more independent from the chemical traders and chemical industry. 

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Website: www.turffeeding.com

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