Zaenna presents a comprehensive social media platform with advanced features to foster economic development

Zaenna is a newly launched social media platform that offers a variety of features that allow users worldwide to connect and share. It not only provides basic features like messaging option, timeline, post sharing, polls, event creation, etc. but also a few advanced features that make it stand out from the rest. This platform is created to offer social media that is focused on giving rather than just making money. It is a give and share platform designed in the best interest of its users and advertisers.

What makes Zaenna stand out is that it allows people, governments, and organizations to network, share and advertise products, and share information in the bid to foster economic development, social and political cohesion as well as knowledge diffusion. It is integrated with an innovative new point system that permits the users to build points via their posts.

“We need to permit that mother, father, brother, sister, uncle, aunt to freely access these platforms and economically empower themselves without any barriers. Today social networking should be a give and give and give and share platform”, says the founder of Zaenna. He further adds “There is an urgent need to connect economic empowerment with a mobile social platform on the go and provide opportunity to those who don’t have access to financial institutions and e-Commerce opportunities. We need to permit those rural inhabitants to explore and freely access these platforms thus, economically empowering themselves without barriers. Today’s social networking should be socioeconomic, opportunity bringers, fresh idea initiator. Our platform Zaenna allows more benefits to the users and guarantees the advertisers better sales of their products.”

Zaenna features a very user-friendly and familiar interface so the users get used to it pretty soon. The Market and My products’ section on the platform allows the users/businesses/advertisers to list down their products in various categories and promote to the other users on Zaenna. It is also equipped with a Blog option that features a variety of articles on the most popular topics while the user has the option to post their own article as well. The users can follow celebrities and other people to know their latest updates and create their own page to create an avid fan following, by sharing interesting content. In addition, like the mainstream social media, Zaenna enables the users to post images, videos and like and comment on things posted by other users. The users can also raise funding for their favorite causes through the funding option.

Zaenna is offering a comprehensive social media platform that not only has all the features that the users expect on social media to connect and share but also special features that allow them to do more for the economic and social development of their society. The platform is absolutely free to sign up and use.

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