New Book “The Voice Within: An Amazing Journey To The Depths Of Your Soul!” Explores Every Reader’s Original, True Voice

New York, NY – This week marks the release of the new book “The Voice Within” by Alex Abossein offering readers 224 engaging pages in paperback, hard cover, audiobook and Amazon Kindle. The book tackles a fundamental question of human existence helping the reader return to their original voice.

The author maintains every person is born with an original, true voice. Unfortunately most of us never know it exists or have the opportunity to listen to our true voice.

The voices of others from parents to teachers to friends and media pundits fill our minds with concepts, expectations, and limitations. These often aren’t right for us, making us unhappy and holding us back from our true potential.

Abossein uses a series of easy to understand stories about daily life to communicate eye-opening concepts. He takes the reader through a fascinating journey of self discovery. This ultimately leads to helping individuals re-discover and listen to the true voice they were born with.

“Suddenly you’re in touch with what makes you special. You’re happy, content, and satisfied with the way to see the world. Everything starts to make sense and you finally have the correct answers to life’s most troubling questions,” Abossein said.

Abossein, who is one of the few US engineers licensed in three different areas, skillfully tackles some of the most difficult questions men and women struggle with each day.

He believes discovering one’s original voice is essential for a truly successful life. The book helps readers tear away barriers they have erected to set their voice free. Listening to the original voice is essential to becoming your own person with special unique views, understandings, and solutions that are just right for you.  Learn more at

Abossein has achieved deeper understanding of human potential through his lifelong interest in martial arts. He became a Master in 2005 after decades of learning and increased understanding.

A prolific writer, he is author of the soon to be released book “The Sacred Energy.” This new text will focus on health, emotions, and achieving greater well being. He has pioneered an energy clearing method called Guided Energy Meditation or GEM. This therapy is based on white light visualization used as electrical conduits to neutralize electrical disturbances and diseases in the body.

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