Game Lab Ecological Community Launches Cloud Game Plan

Global game companies’ revenues will exceed $ 500 billion in 2019 and are expected to exceed $ 1 trillion in 2020. In order to better advocate the correct concepts of rational investment, professional investment, and value investment, popularize global market venture capital planning. The Electronic technical team joined forces with the world’s top blockchain experts to invest tens of millions of dollars to set up an EA game lab and build an EAiCoin gaming community ecology. 

Through Project Atlas’ technical trials, Electronic is advancing its cloud gaming plan, which is a publisher’s cloud-native development platform that not only can stream player games, but also developers of the above EAs can build games directly in the cloud. At the same time, the blockchain is integrated into the cloud game plan, and a global leader in blockchain game exploration is explored. With a decentralized cultural architecture, the monopoly of resources and channels in the game industry and the existing experience of blockchain game experience are weak. Two major pain points. Break the channel disadvantages, build a multi-win-win decentralized industrial structure, use decentralized blockchain technology for games, and use global community high-quality games, cross-chain games owned by the multi-party consensus mechanism of EAiCoin users, cross-block, Cross-platform features. It will show global players a deep binding of players and games, a global gaming community that is deeply integrated.

Since the 1970s, with the rapid development of cryptographic technology, distributed networks, consensus algorithms, and hardware storage computing capabilities, the conditions for achieving a consensus mechanism between multiple agents through technical means have gradually matured to solve intermediaries in a multi-agent environment. Duty sharing, reducing transaction costs and improving synergy efficiency provide new solutions.

Blockchain technology uses code to build a trust mechanism with the lowest cost of machine trust. We don’t need verbal commitments or prosperous-signing cumbersome paper contracts, and not relying on individuals or assets as guarantees, only You need to know which blockchain code will be executed, so you don’t need to worry about the system being corrupted and the data being arbitrarily modified, you can collaborate with each other and build various ecology at low cost.

The birth of the blockchain signifies that humans have begun to build a truly trustworthy Internet. Its attractive point is that it can establish peer-to-peer trust in the network, making the value transfer process remove the interference of intermediaries. Information also protects privacy, and both collective decision-making and individual rights are protected. This mechanism improves the efficiency of value exchange and reduces costs.

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