Actor and Cast of ‘Wonder Woman 2’, Jolley Pop Begins Promotions for Musical Series ‘Poison’

Actor and Cast of ‘Wonder Woman 2’, Jolley Pop Begins Promotions for Musical Series ‘Poison’

January 15, 2020 – He is part of the cast for ‘Wonder Woman 2’, and is just out with his own production, ‘Poison’. The new year is rolling out well for Jolley Pop, actor and musician, who is looking forward to more inspiring roles. The promotions for ‘Poison’ are well underway with a theatrical tour. The movie stars Meaghan Rose, and the digital release will happen end of 2020.

#Poison is the most authentic work of Jolley Pop till date. The actor opened up about his past, sources of inspiration and how he looks at his acting career.

On the sets of Wonder Woman, Jolley Pop recounts having a great time as well as working hard, especially with the down to earth Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins around. Acting and music are in his blood, and he fathoms doing nothing else. Born in Norfolk, Virginia, Jolley Pop entered the world of acting at 12, with the first major role in HIT TV show, Evil Twins on the Investigation Discovery Channel.

When asked about his favorite role ever, Jolley counts his movie #Poison that he has produced, or Goldenstate Killer, where his role played a big part in getting the actual killer caught. For the year 2019, Jolley wanted to be as humble as he has always been, and he was proud when he quit old habits. For 2020, Jolley wishes for the right distribution for his new musical film, ‘Poison’. 

I’ve put a lot of creativity into the production of ‘Poison’. So I want to be as creative on the distribution side of things,” says Jolley.

With his acting, his dream is to be able to change a life with his portrayal of a character’s story. Jolley’s message to actors: “Less is more; it’s not what you say to make you a believable actor, it’s the expression that you give before you say it,” says Jolley.

Jolley’s sources of motivation include his son and his mother. Professionally, his biggest inspirations are Eminem and Gary Vee, who keep him focused. In the entertainment and acting field, Gary is his biggest influence, who changed his entire mindset, binging value with his knowledge, to the point of saving his life.

Recounting his craziest movie set experiences, Jolley talks about the time on the Golden State Killer, where he had to play a rapist. “I got so much into character that I scared one of the actresses into tears… I felt horrible. I still feel bad about that,” says Jolley.

About the origins of his name ‘Jolley Pop’, he says it’s a combination of his last name ‘Jolley’ and the word ‘pop’, which came about because of his music. “My music touches on very dark subject matters. So I wanted to remind people to ‘let your Jolley POP out’, because I know with me dark music can sometimes put you in a dark place.”

Jolley’s biggest challenge was cutting off bad people, no matter who they were, including bad friends. He also struggled with drugs, but eventually became clean and in the process learnt a lot about himself. Above all, he learnt to push himself to the limits and realized what he was capable of.

His parting message? “Get the hate out of your heart, do not listen to anyone else’s opinions. Failure is a good thing, because it teaches you what not to do. Be patient, it’s so important to be patient, and always be optimistic. No one owes you anything; if you want it bad as u want to breath, you have to work for it!”

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