Indiegogo Campaign Introduces Smart Towel Holder With Innovative Secured Grip

Richyn is a next-gen smart towel holder backed by Push and Grip technology that promises the most secure grip on a towel so that it doesn’t fall off easily. 

Forget the hassle of picking up towels that fall to the floor again and again. A Ukraine-based innovative product design startup is soon to introduce a state-of-the-art towel holder on Indiegogo that will put an end to these woes. Titled “Richyn,” the smart towel holder will hold your towels tight and prevent frequent falling.

The star of the innovative towel holder is its revolutionary Push and Grip technology that keeps towels tightly secured to the holder. Thanks to that firm grip, towels don’t fall off the holder and are always clean and available for you. Users can use their towels without even removing them from the holder. All you would need to do is to push the towel into the towel holder, and it will fasten your towel with just a click in seconds.

“We all have faced this one common problem: towels falling off from rings and hooks. And that’s annoying. Once the towel falls on the floor, you can’t use it anymore. You have to send it for wash and get a fresh piece all over again. So, that’s simply wastage of both time and energy. The most unfortunate thing is nobody has bothered to come up with a viable solution for this age-old problem. But, not any more- Richyn is here to resolve all your woes”, stated Oleksii Trishyn, the leading spokesperson from Richyn team.

 “We have banked on our engineering background here and utilized our engineering know-how with smart materials to bring to you the ‘perfect’ towel holder. Our design draws inspiration from the amazing works of science fiction writers as well as classical art forms. Our innovative towel holder assures you the most reliable fixation so that you never have to worry about falling towels.”

Richyn is not restricted to towels only. Users can use it to hold and hang a number of other things like hanky, mitt, gloves, spatula, and so on. 

In regards to size, the next-gen towel holder is smaller compared to the regular towel racks and hence can be placed just anywhere around the house or office. The holder comes with self-adhesive tape, which lets you stick it to any flat surface easily. Added to walls, one can also mount it on a fridge or cabinets. If you want something more secure than the adhesive part, you can even secure Richyn smart towel holder with screws for a tighter grip. 

“Richyn is just ‘the’ towel holder that you have been looking for decades. Added to assuring secured and clean towels, our smart product also guarantees the preservation of the environment. Our team proactively supports the use of reusable and recycled materials. At present, we are looking forward to mass production of our innovative towel holder and hence this Indiegogo campaign. Your generous support would enable us to bring Richyn to life and make life easier for all of us.”

Backers will be rewarded with handy discounts on Richyn holders.

To show your support for the campaign, please visit–2/reft/22005898#/BYC 

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Company Name: RICHYN
City: Dnipro
Country: Ukraine