The Mars Atlas – A Complete Cartographic Representation of the Martian Surface

The team at RedMapper has announced its Kickstarter campaign for The Mars Atlas, a project that will map the entire Martian surface using data collected by NASA, previous Mars missions, and orbiting satellites. For the very first time, the general public will be presented with detailed knowledge of the surface of the Red Planet in stunning detail.

The RedMapper team will use their mapping expertise to create detailed maps allowing explorers to journey to the mysterious places of Mars, most of which have yet to be explored. All generated maps contained within are cartographically accurate, using the best available data with zero guesswork. 

Readers will examine places that come up in the news and pop culture as well as learn about Martian topography, places, and our species’ history exploring the Red Planet. The Mars Atlas can be navigated using a simple alphabetized index to discover over 2000 named places including mountains, craters, valleys, and cliffs.  

The Significance of The Mars Atlas 

The primary benefit of The Mars Atlas is that it will pique curiosity among young explorers and spark a craving for what lies beyond Earth. The Mars Atlas also posits itself as an authentic tool that gives users an idea on what exists on Mars, identify places suitable for launching future missions, and even analyze landscapes for establishing colonies. In future human-crewed missions to Mars, people will use The Mars Atlas to become more informed about such places on the planet. People who will find this atlas useful include leaders, scientists, and explorers of all kinds. 

The Mars Portal

The RedMapper team is also working on their most ambitious project yet –Mars Portal. Functioning similarly to Google Maps, it is a web-based map of the entire planet. Mars Portal will allow users to zoom in on iconic areas of the planet, including the landing site of Viking, the path of Curiosity Rover, and explore mountains and craters, including Olympus Mons – the largest identified mountain in the solar system. 

The creation of Mars Portal stems from arduous research and aims to make the red planet more accessible to students and explorers alike. When complete, it will give users complete control and access to yet another planet in our solar system. 

Who Is This Project Aimed For?

Those who participate in this project will be able to use these products to engage in useful dialogue, to help establish policy, mission planning, education, and discussions. The Mars Atlas and Mars Portal will benefit cartographers, space enthusiasts, and anyone with a passion for exploring outer space. We all need to have an idea of where these places are so that there is an informed, on-going conversation among leaders, scientists, and constituents of all kinds. The Mars Atlas accomplishes this goal.

Funds generated will go toward the publishing costs of The Mars Atlas and upgrading mapping tools used by the RedMapper team. The project should be completed in Feb 2020.  

To learn more about RedMapper and these exciting new tools please visit their Kickstarter campaign:

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