Sim Hung Tran offers 5 million beautiful Mobifone sim numbers at the lowest cost and great customer support

Sim Hung Tran offers 5 million beautiful Mobifone sim numbers at the lowest cost and great customer support

Hanoi, Vietnam – Sim Hung Tran Telecommunication Company has about 5 million Mobifone sims. The users can choose any unique and beautiful number of their own choice. Sim Mobifone is one of Vietnam’s largest telecommunication company; having about 30% market shares in the country. Mobifone has been declared as the most popular brand for consecutive 6 years in Vietnam. With Sim Hung Tran, users can now buy sims with special numbers online directly from the website. The online process is quite easy and simple, providing the users with Cash On Delivery; a service that is trustworthy and loved by the users. Users can simply choose a number from the website and the sim card will be delivered to their doorstep where the payment and activation process can proceed. Sim Hung Tran commits to provide sim cards at the lowest price across the country.

Sim Hung Tran provides an easy to use platform for the customers to purchase sim cards online. The website is easy to use and uses Vietnamese as the default language to further help the Vietnamese customers. The users can find sim cards of various numbers and choose any number that they like. The chosen sim card is delivered to the customers’ home where it can be activated. The mode of payment is set to be as cash-on-delivery, which is the preferred mode for the majority of the customers. In addition to Mobifone, Sim Hung Tran also provides sim cards for various other operators as well such as Vinaphone, Viettel, VietnamMobile and Gmobile. Sim Hung Tran provides the sim cards to meet the customers’ needs; the company provides various services for the customers even after the purchase is done; for example, the users can get a refund of 2 times if the sim card with the wrong number is issued or if the information provided by the company proves to be inaccurate. The activation process is free of cost and the sim is activated upon arrival at the address provided by the customer. The sim cards can also be purchased on instalments.

What makes Sim Hung Tran different and better, is the services provided, the users can get a sim card delivered right at their home. Another service provided by the company is that the sim cards worth over 3 Million can be purchased in instalments. That gives the users a very easy and affordable method to purchase a golden number that is quite expensive. The instalments are easy to pay and the payment is done monthly basis. The company also assures to have the lowest interest policies and if the payment is done within a month, no interest is applied. The advance to be paid is also quite low and thus the sim card purchasing process gets quite easy. Sim Hung Tran is dedicated to help the customers and to provide constant help. The company knows the needs of the customers and they strive to fulfil the demand.

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