Empowering Women to Discover Their Purpose with Caris L. Reed The Destiny Chic

Empowering Women to Discover Their Purpose with Caris L. Reed The Destiny Chic
Destiny Walkers Network is changing the trajectory of poverty-stricken mindsets to prosperous purposeful powerful women.

January 15, 2020 – Houston, TX – Caris L. Reed aka The Destiny Chic was fortunate in that she knew her destiny early on – to help women find their true calling in life.

As a consultant and CEO of  Destiny Walkers Network, Caris has dedicated her life to helping powerful women unfold their gifts and passions so they may walk their purpose. She is an Empowerment Speaker who has brought real-life change to women from all walks of life.

Says Ms. Reed, “I like to refer to my talks and program as the ‘Metamorphosis of Destiny.’ By changing your mindset and thought process, you can shift from negative to positive behaviors, and finally from passion to purpose, in order to live a fulfilled and happy life.”

So many women are going about their lives today unhappy and at a loss of what to do. They have not found their Purpose. Ms. Reed seeks to change that, by breaking the bondage of unfulfilled women. Every woman has the basic human right to walk in purpose by living her spiritual principles and not by her emotions. In doing so, she is not only happy and joyful but living a fulfilled life.

Destiny  Walkers Network helps women walk in their purpose in order to live their lives to the fullest in joy and fulfill their destiny. As women enhance their purpose-driven confidence, they naturally become better mothers, wives, sisters, friends, co-workers, and entrepreneurs. They make valuable contributions to their community. Ms. Reed wants every woman to gain unique clarity with peace of mind, for a healthy and balanced life. By joining the network, a woman can have the support and resources they need to achieve this.

About Caris L. Reed 

Caris L. Reed holds Certification in Life Coaching and Consultation, Associate of Applied Science in Child Development, Bachelor of Science in Human and Family Services and Currently pursuing a Master of Science in Psychology. She is a Destiny Consultant and CEO of Destiny Walkers Network a network that specializes in helping powerful women unfold passions and gifts so dominate Destiny and master their Dreams ultimately walking in their purpose. As the Destiny Consultant, she helps women fulfill their PURPOSE. Caris L. Reed is Empowerment Speaker delivering presentations on Empowering Principles that Unfolds Dreams Empowerment Based talks.

For more information and a complimentary 20-minute consultation, please contact Caris by visiting Destiny Walkers Network https://destinywalkersnetwork.com/.

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