President of SHAO Hu Jiaqi Receives Reply from the Commercial Development Office of Haiti to China

On January 6, the beginning of the new year 2020, the Commercial Development Office of Haiti to China replied to Mr. Hu Jiaqi, the founder and the first president of Save Human Action Organization (SHAO). The letter said that the Office received the 5th Open Letter to the Leaders of Mankind addressed to the president of Haiti and the invitation letter inviting the president to be the Special Advisor of Save Human Action Organization. The Haiti office attached great importance to it and warmly thanked Mr. Hu Jiaqi for his kindness to and trust in Haitian government and the president. The staff of Haiti office will promptly forward the letter to Mr. President and state the cases. In order to get a deeper and comprehensive understanding of the ideas of SHAO, the Office also asked Mr. Hu Jiaqi to send several of his representative works Saving Humanity for reading.

SHAO, founded on November 1, 2019, is an international non-governmental organization registered in California, USA. The founder of SHAO is Mr. Hu Jiaqi, a famous Chinese anthropologist. The organization believes that the sustained irrational development of science and technology will soon exterminate human beings, and the whole world must be united to strictly limit the uncontrolled development of science and technology by the world regime. Mr. Hu Jiaqi has been devoted to the study of human problems for more than 40 years. He has deeply realized that the rise and fall of human destiny is closely related to the development of science and technology, and called on all countries in the world to reasonably develop and use science and technology and to limit the crazy development. For this purpose, Mr. Hu Jiaqi has sent five open letters to leaders of various countries, top scientists and scholars in the world, heads of well-known media, opinion leaders from all walks of life and other representatives. He hopes that all parties attach great importance to the issue and the would unites to take effective actions together to save mankind.

Mr. Hu Jiaqi believes that science and technology is a double-edged sword. Human beings must think comprehensively, rationally handle, develop and use science and technology to keep them always in control. Thus, science and technology will play a more positive role rather than getting human beings into trouble.

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